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Almyra's Back
About six months ago MinosReturned commissioned a flat color piece of NosmirMcAwesome's bubblicious batgirl, Almyra.

That's here: spiralingstaircase.deviantart.…

And now, MinosReturned has actually returned to have me complete the picture with full color and a background as a birthday present to Nosmir.

So Happy Birthday, Nosmir!
I know I mentioned that this was happening before, but now that alorok has released the next chapter of Mary's Story I want to point it out for those who are interested and/or might have missed the migration announcement earlier.

So to recap, Mary's Story won't be updated here anymore. It will be on alorok's page, and the next chapter is up over there right now.
Snake Charmed
This is a commission for Robotnik14, who wanted Vampsoldier's naga girl Sylvia caught in a bit of a dancing butt expansion curse via music. Vampsoldier took this idea and wrote a short story over it which you can read below.

                It was an uneventful day for No Records for Posers, which wasn’t surprising on its own nor unwelcome; Sylvia preferred it that way, as it gave her time to enjoy her music without something as mundane as customers to interrupt.  Yet now, in the evening, two hours from quitting time, the naga girl was trying her best to kill the time by browsing the net.  Having listened to her playlist nine times in a row already, she was in need of a more interesting distraction. With an annoyed sigh, she blew a strand of hair away from her face, pulled her ear plugs out and tentatively began to pout.


                At that moment, the shop’s door opened up, and Sylvia’s spirits lifted, the serpentine woman hoping for someone to talk to or at least to shout at.


                Disappointment shattered that hope, because the person who walked in was just an old lady with a hunch, dressed in a patchwork jacket with a knitted headscarf on her head and a strangely patterned skirt that went down to her ratty shoes.


                Sylvia stayed leaned over the counter, feeling no need to get riled up.  Great, she thought, Another bag lady comin’ to bum some change or hang around in a warm building.


                Still bored, Sylvia took in a deep breath and shouted out from her end of the store, “Hey!  This place is for customers only!  If you haven’t got any money and are just looking for some place warm, go try the homeless shelter two blocks over!”


                To Sylvia, the woman looked a lot like a pile of walking dish rags, and she immediately turned her head towards the naga to reveal a face that even a mother couldn’t love.  Her nose was bulbous and lumpy like an unpeeled potato, one eye seemed larger than the other and her yellow teeth were slanted like tombstones, forming a grin that could only be called crazy at the best of times.  The old wretch cackled before she answered.


                “Oh, my, you’re a feisty one!  Say, young lady, this is a record shop, isn’t it?  I have been searching for one for quite some time.  I’ve only been able to find the strange ‘computer’ shenanigans, when what I desperately want is an old record.”


                Sylvia raised one of her eyebrows, for she definitely hadn’t taken the old woman for a fan of classic rock.  But then she just shrugged and put on a wolfish smile to show her sharp teeth.


                “You came to the right shop, granny,” Sylvia hissed.  “I only sell the finest records, even of the new stuff, elaborately pressed into vinyl for the discerning music lover.  What are you searching for?”


                The old woman emitted a gurgling noise that might have been another laugh, beginning to jump from one leg to another, highlighting the fact that one was longer.  “Oh, how wonderful,” she croaked, “I am searching for ‘The very best of gypsy 80’s.’  An album with only the best songs for dancing to, made by Romani musicians.  It is near impossible to get a copy these days!”


                Sylvia’s jaw dropped.  She felt fury building up at the fact she’d put on her vendor behavior for this farce.  Gritting her pointed teeth, the naga began to shake with suppressed rage that made her whole body tremble.  Her buttocks began to wriggle along with the rest of her.  Normally hidden behind the J-shaped counter, customers couldn’t see her gigantic lower half, but now Sylvia was mad enough to rise up and bring her entire body into glorious view.  She used the muscles of her tail to lift up off the ground, and planted her fists on her cushiony hips.


                “What do you think this is?” she growled.  “A JUNK shop?  I sell punk, industrial and all the kinds of hard rock in here!  I didn’t even know there were enough ‘gypsy’ songs to FILL a ‘best of’ album and I could have gone my whole life WITHOUT knowing it!  You’re going to leave my shop NOW or I swear I’ll wrap my tail around you and THROW you out!!”


                Sylvia shook so much that her titanic buttocks make small clapping noises, and all these things combined clearly had an impact, as the old woman took a few steps back.  But then, she raised one gnarled finger.


                “You are bigger than I expected, young lady, but it takes more than a… than a fat snake-cow to scare me!  I am not leaving until I have found my record, and there is nothing that you can do about it!”  She crossed her arms and nodded, but didn’t seem to see the dangerous glint in Sylvia’s eyes.


                “Fat snake-cow?” Sylvia repeated.  She opened her mouth and ran her tongue over her pointed teeth, and then began to mount the counter.  “Okay, potato-face.  It is ON!!”


                Pouring over the countertop, the naga put her powerful tail muscles to work to slither forward with a frightening speed relative to her size.  The gypsy had assumed Sylvia’s threats to be empty, but now the snake-woman was charging at her, and the old hag began to hobble away, turning around a book shelf to escape the punky serpent.


                What followed was a chase that most would have thought more fitting for an old cartoon, too ridiculous and comical to be taken seriously.  Despite her obvious infirmity, the old woman had every incentive to avoid the shop keeper and displayed impressive agility under that pressure.  Sylvia, meanwhile, showed how her body was clearly not made for maneuvering in tight spaces like her record store.  Her hips jumped from side to side like a frenzied metronome, getting caught on nearly every shelf.


                Records started to rain down on her giant buttocks, the violence of her pursuit turning the impacts to spanks and producing yet more turbulence on her lower half, however, Sylvia ignored the damage she was causing, focused on chasing the offending gypsy.


                Every time she neared, the old woman would turn on a dime and slip through her grasp, and the larger girl would spin about rapidly to keep up, something that her massive ass, with its weight and sheer volume, should not have been able to do.  On more than one occasion, the faded cardboard stand-up of some old rock legend or idol fell victim to the two scaled, onyx wrecking balls, and the chase only stopped when Sylvia knocked over an entire wooden shelf of records.


                Both women were winded, and the old hag raised her hands to signal she was giving up.


                “Fine,” she lamented, “I will leave, but mark my words—I will forget neither your rude treatment nor your foul mouth!”  She emitted another chuckling gurgle and pointed at Sylvia, warning, “You should treat others as you yourself with to be treated!  It might be that you—“


                But the woman’s words were interrupted by a coffee cup flying through the air, missing only by a few inches.  “Oh, please,” Sylvia responded venomously, “Who are you trying to scare with that crap?  A gypsy CURSE?  Really?!  That is SUCH a cliché!  Why don’t you go across the street to that hipster soup bar, those losers are crazy about flicks from the last century!”


                The old woman looked wounded, and tried to protest again.  “Back in my day, we allowed our elders to speak uninterrupted!  We have a tradition and I—“


                Another thrown object, this time a record, hit the wall behind her.  “Okay, okay,” she screeched, “I’m going!”


                The gypsy left the shop and Sylvia was left in a mess of toppled shelves, shattered records and two sore ass cheeks, which had taken considerable punishment during her chase of the offensive Romani intruder.  The naga was extremely angry and wanted to close the store at that moment, but she knew she couldn’t leave things in such a state.  With an annoyed growl, she wedged her wide hips into the door behind the counter to collect the broom and dustpan.


= = =


                The old gypsy hobbled away from the record store, making her way up the alley beside it.  At the end of the way was a large old trailer, so brightly and garishly painted that not even dogs would lift their legs next to it.  The wooden sign nailed above the doorway of the dwelling read Madame Romani’s potions & spells for daily use.


                She opened the door, still mumbling to herself about the disrespectful treatment she had just endured, and the inside of the trailer was a mess of clothes, leftover food and strange magical objects like talismans, monkey paws and other weird relics or totems.  Madame Romani began digging through the piles, opening cupboards and even searching the drawer with her underwear.


                “Where is it, where is it…?”  She mumbled to herself.  “I know it is here somewhere!  I am going to teach that fat hussy a lesson, who’s so proud of her big ass, that curves can also be very dangerous!  And then, she will learn to respect an older woman who just wanted to buy a record in the wrong shop…”


                The gypsy began to laugh menacingly, but was interrupted by a heavy knocking upon the door.


                “Hello?  Is anyone in there?” a man’s voice called.  “This is the Dynamic City Police Department!  You can’t park your trailer here!  This is a public street and if you don’t move this vehicle, we have leave to enter the premises and arrest the owner!”


                The old woman cursed under her breath.  “Oh damn, the police!  I need to leave this area… where is that teleportation spell?”


                Whilst rummaging through yet more junk, the gypsy knocked over a stack of dusty books, and out of them fell a record.  “Ohhh, here you are,” she said in a pleased manner.  “The one and only song written and performed by ‘The Snake Charmers.’  A song based on an ancient tune that they found drawn over the walls of an oriental tomb!  Laced with the hypnotic power of making snakes dance!  With luck, it will work on that sassy girl too, but that’s not enough!  I’ll add my own spell to punish her further!”


                She began mumbling and a black cloud formed between her hands, which moved forward to engulf the record.  When the cloud vanished, so too did the record, and the gypsy laughed once more.  The knocking at the door became more forceful and the Madame Romani knew it was time to leave.


                Before the policemen’s very eyes, the wheels of the trailer were engulfed in black clouds of their own, and the whole structure lifted up into the sky.  It would have been a majestic and breathtaking sight, had it not been for the bright and gaudy colors of the thing.


                The two cops looked at each other, one saying “Are we going to report that?”


                The other shook his head no, responding “No way!  We’ll pretend this never happened.  Let’s get something to eat and call it a night.”


= = =


                Meanwhile, Sylvia was rummaging through the piles of broken vinyl on the floor, searching for records which had managed to stay in-tact.  Distressingly few of the abused albums had managed to stay whole, and she was grateful she’d only knocked over a few shelves in her pursuit of the wretched old hag.


                Sylvia soon sighted a single record on top of a pile of debris, and was relieved to see one in good condition.  Yet the name was not one she recognized—The Snake Charmers.


                “Hmm… I thought I knew every band and song we had in here,” she reflected.  “Maybe this one was hidden and the commotion knocked it free.  Guess this wasn’t a total loss.”


                The naga decided to take a break and moved back behind the counter to set up the record player.  The disc ran smoothly, meaning its surface hadn’t been ravaged, but when the tune began, Sylvia was a bit disappointed.  It wasn’t the worst song she’d heard, but she’d also listened to plenty better.  She gave it her ear for a few more seconds, and then decided to shut the music off, but then noticed her body wasn’t following her own commands.


                She looked around herself and realized only belatedly that her arms were up around her head and her lower half was moving back and forth.  Then, her upper body moved left while her lower half moved right, bumping her buttocks into the counter.


                Realization struck her.  “Oh, you gotta be friggin’ kidding me!  She really cursed that record to make me dance?!  That is so… so cheesy!”


                That was only half of the curse, however; as the music went on, the gypsy’s own addition to the power of the disc began to take effect.  Before, the naga’s ass had only hit the counter during extreme twists, but now it had begun to hit the counter with the slightest of motions.  With shock Sylvia realized that her sable-scaled hips had started to push out further than they had been before.  Her butt cheeks bloated, becoming bigger and bigger by the second.  They had been huge before, but now they were becoming irredeemably enormous, trapping her in the J-shaped counter of the store.


                Sylvia wanted to get free, but the hypnotic power of the record’s song still gripped her, forcing her to dance in place even as her lower body ballooned.  Not only the hips and butt were growing, but her tail seemed to be enlarging as well, getting thicker and wider.  The tip had already pushed itself up between her fat cushiony cheeks and the wooden store counter.  It wriggled in front of her face before drooping down towards the ground with its newly added weight.


                Sylvia was rapidly running out of space, and since her growing ass couldn’t go to the sides, it decided it would go up.  The pressure of the unyielding counter forced her scaled flesh to squeeze upward, and she could feel the meat of her own ass strike her still-dancing arms, the impact of which seemed to disrupt the control the record had over her.  She pressed her regained arms into her buttocks, but the finger sank right into the onyx-colored mass.  The feeling made Sylvia moan; wrist-deep in her own black scaled fat ass, the sensation was incredible.


                The naga had always been proud of her grand backside, and the trophy on the store’s counter was proof of that: she had won the annual Dynamic City Butt Contest three years in a row, but now it seemed she was getting trapped within the thing she took so much pride in.  The flesh had pushed itself so far up that the sides were sandwiching her body between them.


                She couldn’t help but laugh as she tried to stem the flow of her body with her elbows, as she was likely the first woman ever whose own butt was trying to dominate and overpower her.  A typical person’s reaction might have been fear, but Sylvia could only marvel at how good it felt, how soft and pleasurable it was to get trapped her own ass cheeks.


                Before that fate could befall her, though, her tail saved her once again, as it had expanded so far that it pushed her up out of the counter’s enclosed space with a plopping noise.  Her hips came free and again had space to grow, and they did so all over the surface of the counter.  The pressure was gone and Sylvia felt so relieved that she actually began to genuinely enjoy what was happening to her.


                Her tail was still trapped in the J-shape of the counter, but her butt had all the space it needed to surge forward like an ocean of black-scaled fat.  Sylvia felt like a queen, sitting upon a throne of plump obsidian snake ass, and she loved it.


                The tattoo on her hip had been stretched so much by her expansion that it looked like an eyes-closed smiley face, similar to those often seen in Japanese advertisement signs.  It seemed to be smiling at her, and Sylvia smiled back.


                At last, Sylvia’s body made contact with the record player on the edge of the counter, pushing it towards the ground.  Her massive hips obscured her vision, but the sound of the player breaking was recognizable to her, and the music stopped at once.  She no longer felt the compulsion to dance, nor had any fear that her buttocks and hips would get so big as to destroy the whole shop.


                With a sigh of relief, she looked around at herself to see just how big she had gotten.  She could easily feel the counter’s rough wooden texture against her skin, but she also heard it creaking beneath her new weight.  Mischief in mind and a smile still on her face, she moved her muscles back and forth, making the creaking louder and louder until it intensified to a cracking, splintering sound.


                Finally it broke apart like a dam no longer able to hold back a flood of the finest butt meat, and her cheeks finally had the space they needed to sag down. Despite the fact she ceased her own efforts to move, the flesh of her lower half continued to jiggle all on its own, too rich and soft to be stopped that easily.  The behemoth buttocks giddily clapped together as if applauding Sylvia on her new, even more impressive proportions.


                Her tail was now so big that her piercings were barely visible, and the snake belt around her tail was so stressed that it looked like the little golden serpent looked frightened of popping off at the threat the additional flesh presented.


                Idly, Sylvia hoped the changes weren’t permanent; she wouldn’t be getting through any doors like this, but at this point in time, she was too busy groping, pulling and shaking herself that those concerns were distant and faint.  Her butt was so soft, sensitive and oh-so-beautiful that she decided to take a few photographs… if she could just manage to bend down and grab the smart phone lying next to her…

Naga Girls Gone Wild
This is a commission from Vampsoldier who asked for his snake-gal, Sylvia, to be having a bit of fun with my old snake-gal from some years back. So we resurrected her, named her Dana, and now we've got a picture. And we've also got a story for the occasion written by vampsoldier as well which follows below.


    With a sigh of relief, Sylvia locked the doors to the shop No Records for Posers. It had been a stressful day. TEN customers came to visit. That was more than thrice the usual amount and that also meant the raven-haired girl had to actually WORK for her money. Her favorite days were the ones with no customers, when she was alone with her music player and tablet, where she could listen to her favorite music and browse the internet for funny cat videos. The naga girl looked up to the neon signs proclaiming the provoking name.

    One would guess that it would keep people away but it seemed that even in the 22nd century; there were enough admirers of alternative and industrial rock who appreciated the old and new songs available in shining vinyl. However, Sylvia couldn’t stand the hipsters and posers who were just coming in because it was opposing the ‘mainstream’ culture to listen to records or a music genre that was so hated by the majority of the public. Still, even her barking and snapping at them wasn’t keeping them away from the counter so Sylvia was happy when it was finally quitting time.

    Suddenly, as the raven-haired girl thought about how to spend the rest of the evening, she felt a hand slapping her wide rear. Furiously, the shop keeper spun around to yell with the full force of her voice but choked on her words when she looked into the grinning face of her best friend Dana. Dana Plumpcoiler was a naga just like Sylvia. They both shared the same punky look and almost the same body form.

    Differences were small and subtle but the first thing a viewer would notice was the size difference in their busts. Sylvia’s breasts were bigger though only slightly. The next thing to notice would be their colors because Dana’s snake parts had vivid green scales, while the raven-haired girl had black ones, reflecting the lights of the street lamp. Of course, hair cut and color were also differing but nobody would’ve paid any attention to those because the two girls shared a ginormous lower half. Tails thick and soft adorned by tattoos and piercings, their body forms would’ve led any bystander to believe they were sisters.

    It had actually been a coincidence that the two met, a really odd coincidence for two nagas sharing the same taste in style and the same curves in such a big town. It had been another evening like this when Sylvia had entered the subway to make her way home. There were no free seats and at first, she didn’t notice the other naga sitting on a three-seat bank, covering the whole thing because her butt was so big, until one of those suits had walked up to her. Like the corporate big wig he looked like, he had yelled at her, calling her a fat cow and demanding that she would get up to make space since she was blocking so many seats with her fat ass. Sylvia had intended to step in because she hated that snobbish behavior but was actually surprised when the purple-haired girl used her tail to rise up high enough her head touched the ceiling. It was an intimidating sight especially with the wobbling butt cheeks that seemed to move even as she was standing still like a flowing cape on a super hero. As she opened her mouth, two sharp eyeteeth became visible and then a voice like thunder hailed down upon the man. The man stumbled backwards and made a hasty escape for the next wagon even before the unknown naga could finish her speech about how a man should treat a woman. Sylvia was more than im pressed and as the purple-haired woman sat down again, she squeezed her sizable posterior beside her, bending the metal on the sides. The two got into a conversation and noticed their many similarities aside from a profound dislike for people in suits or their giant backsides. They were so caught up in talking,laughing and mocking the passengers, who stared angrily at them that they totally forgot the time. It was the day when Sylvia Plushbottom and Dana Plumpcoiler
became friends.

    Now, Dana was standing in front of her friend, grinning like a Cheshire cat with her hands on her wide hips, a grin that Sylvia knew only too well. “Heya girl, how is it going?”

    “Better now that work is over, you look like you got something planned tonight.” The shop keeper was now grinning similarly.

    Dana grinned even wider, showing long eyeteeth. “I thought we should head over to that fancy club near the Baron Boulevard to show those skinny bitches and their boyfriends what real dancing looks like.”

    Sylvia frowned. “Are you serious? The music they play there is garbage. Most of it is that smoothed electronic pop. Where are the hard riffs and thundering beats?”

    The purple-haired girl laughed mischievously. “Youreally think we can’t change that? I am certain we can ‘persuade’ the DJ if we want.” To underline her words she now slapped her own butt, making it jiggle like jello.

    Sylvia cocked her head. She wasn’t convinced yet so Dana moved to her side and put her arm around. “Come on, girl! You know it will be fun.” Then she bumped her wide hip into her friend’s hip. “Come on!” *bump* “You know you want it!” *bump* “Since when did I ever take you on a boring evening?” *bump*

    Dana kept bumping her large butt into Sylvia’s and the impact was noticeable. The momentum of their titanic cheeks shaking and slapping into each other caused the shop keeper’s whole body to shake uncontrollably. If she would’ve been a rattle snake, she would now make more noise than a starting plane but the loud noises of scale hitting scale was also
enough to cause people turning their heads.

    Sylvia giggled and pushed Dana off. “Alright, alright, stop or you’ll make my piercings jump out.”

    The purple-haired girl laughed and pulled her friend into a hug. “I knew I could count on you!” Then she spun around, hitting Sylvia’s butt for another time before grabbing her arm and pulling her along, pointing at the sky. “To free drinks and pissed girlfriends!”

    Sylvia wasn’t sure yet what her friend meant with that battle cry but as they entered the club, it became quite obvious. The bar and little seating ac commodations were crowded with couples. The black-scaled naga girl wasn’t sure if it was a club specifically for people in relationships or if it was just the evening but as the two wide-loaded girls entered the club,
many heads turned, gawking until they were brought back to reality by a punch of their better half.

    Dana was well aware of that and it made her flash her teeth. The bar was crowded, but that was noproblem because she simply used her big rear to bump people out of the way. Accompanied by her call ‘Exuuuuse me! Hot buns coming through!’, she was definitely getting the bartender’s attention.

    Dana turned around and yelled over the music. “I will organize us some drinks, you get up to the DJ and make sure he’s playing something we can dance to! Then meet me back here so we can get this started!”

    Sylvia was still not sure where her friend was going with all this, but she just shrugged and made her way to the DJ stand. It was a fancy club with lights, a high roof and something that was supposed to look like greek pillars. The shopkeeper found them pretty ugly, but she wasn’t here to judge architecture. The DJ stood on a platform up high and the stairs seemed to be guarded by some gorilla in a suit, but that wasn’t something that could stop a naga. Sylvia moved up to the pillar next to the platform and started coiling herself around it to slither upwards. People always saw her thick tail and believed it was made of fat but under the soft layer, there were actually quite a few muscles, enough to bring her up so she could put her elbows on the DJ table. With the rest of her tail still coiled around the pillar, her giant buttocks were up in the air behind her and her head rested on her hands. She squeezed her arms together to push her cleavage out and purred “Hello, sugar, how’s it going?”

    The DJ finally noticed her and swallowed hard as his eyes travelled from the ocean of tit meat up to the twin mountains on the horizon. He pulled his sun-glasses off because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Sylvia let her pierced tongue in and out.

    “You seem like a good guy. Would you do a girl a favor and play some songs for her? I am dyyyyyying to shake my hips on the dance floor.” As if to emphasize her words, the naga started wiggling her huge rear as much as her tail coiled around the pillar allowed her.

    The DJ blushed and swallowed again but managed to nod. Sylvia smiled and then put her hands down to push herself up so her lips could reach his ear. She whispered some song accompanied by somecompliments and then gave the man a quick peck on t he cheek.

    “Thanks a lot! You are my knight in shining armor. Keep your eyes on the dance floor because my friend and I will start soon!” And with those words, Sylvia pulled herself back and made her way back down to the ground.

    The raven-haired women slithered back to the bar where Dana was already waiting with four cocktail-glasses.

    “You know, I always wonder how you pay for that stuff. I never see you carry any money.” Sylvia asked with a quizzical expression. Dana winked. “Since when does a girl need money to get drinks?” The green-scaled naga then pulled her friend next to her and put two of the glasses on her butt cheeks, one for each. Before Sylvia could protest, Dana had put the other two on her own butt.
She had that mischievous grin back on and was gesturing towards the dance floor. “I see you managed to convince the DJ, which is good because I am challenging you to a contest. We are going to dance and the first one to drop their glass loses and pays for the drinks for the rest of the evening. Do you dance battle me or are you going to chicken out?”

    Sylvia knew her friend was just teasing but she suddenly felt her pride and decided that she wouldn’t lose. “Oh my butt is the best trained one in this city. I’m going to show you what these glutes can do.”

    Dana laughed and both made their way to the dance floor. As they swayed their hips from side to side, people were automatically making space to get out of their way. It seemed that ever since they came in, the audience had been watching them and were now eager to see a show. The DJ seemed to have waited for that cue because the soft pop music was
suddenly replaced with the hard rock. Both got into position in the middle of the floor, facing each ot her while perfectly balancing the glasses and when the first beat dropped like a hammer, they started moving.

    Nagas have the reputation of moving with the smooth elegance of dancers thanks to their snake blood and those girls were living up to that reputation. Arms in the air, both moved their heads with the music, spinning and shaking, making their hair fly.
Sylvia’s half-shaved cut was jumping from one side to another, always covering one of her eyes. Dana was making the chains rattle that were wrapped around her tail. When the upper half went to the left, the lower half went to the right and that was having quite some impact on the audience. Men (and even some women) were gawking in shock as the scaled pieces of finest butt filet clapped together, moved up and down or just shook like two energetic kids clinging to the back of their mother.

    The scales reflected the dazzling lights of the spotlights making their glutes look like carved sculptures. With hips wide enough to make any fertility goddess jealous, Sylvia’s looked like cut from obsidian while Dana’s liked two lush globes of emerald. The cocktail glasses were bouncing up and down, jumping under the tensing muscles but never turning
or falling off. Dana noticed that her friend was a much stronger opponent than expected but the purple-haired girl was playing to win so she decided to raise the stakes. Smiling deviously, she moved closer and then smacked her hip into Sylvia’s. The shop keeper snapped her eyes open like she woke up from a trance and fixated her friend. She was angry at first but then smiled back since that game could be played by two.

    The dance of the two became more and more a clash of titans. The butt cheeks smacked against each other, only to bounce off one another like a rubber ball hitting a wall. Both were sweating and panting now since keeping the glasses in balance was requiring more body tension under the assaults of one another. As their rears collided like continents on
a newly formed planet, they coiled around each other without noticing. With one last smash, they got so much entangled that they couldn’t move away, their butts stuck in some kind of plushy kiss, pressing against one another.

    Both were looking now over their shoulders, their smile strained and their tongues out. None of them wanted to lose that easily as their cheeks shook under the tension of their muscles. The nagas tried to push each other off but none had the strength left for the final move. The glasses started shaking more and more as their glutes tensed and relaxed. They were so close that Sylvia could feel he heartbeat of her friend and as she looked into the eyes of Dana, both suddenly realized how stupid they were acting.

    Both smiled now unison and like in slow-motion, simultaneously relaxed their cheeks to pull their butts back and smack them together one last time. The glasses jumped up uncontrollably high before turning and showering both girls with colorful alcohol, creating a rainbow in the spotlights of the dance floor. As their backs were showered, they laughed
lustily, both about their own stubbornness and the weird situation, and like that, the spell was broken, and the crowd started cheering and applauding their performances. The DJ went back to the usual pop music and Sylvia and Dana went to sit down near the bar to catch their breath.

    “Seems like a draw, even though you tried cheating.” Sylvia said as she punched her friend’s shoulder playfully.

    Dana laughed and rubbed her arm. “Sorry, I got carried away, but you have to admit, it was one hell of a fun contest.”

    Sylvia nodded. She couldn’t deny that since she met the purple-haired naga, all of her evenings with her had been a hell of fun. “But who is going to pay for the drinks now?”

    Dana shook her head. “Nah, I don’t wanna stay here any longer. How about we head back to that biker bar from last week? We could try to get some money out of them again by beating them in billiards.”

    Sylvia smiled wide enough to show her own sharp eye teeth. “Ah so you want me to bump my fat butt into the table whenever you're about to lose?”

    Dana laughed and put her arm around her friend again. “I am expecting nothing less from my favorite girl. To cheap beer and billiards!”

    Pointing with her arm at the horizon again, the purple-haired naga pulled her raven-haired counterpart along. And so, the two largest backsides in the city left the club, bumping against each other like a sexy Newton’s Cradle.


United States
I know I mentioned that this was happening before, but now that alorok has released the next chapter of Mary's Story I want to point it out for those who are interested and/or might have missed the migration announcement earlier.

So to recap, Mary's Story won't be updated here anymore. It will be on alorok's page, and the next chapter is up over there right now.

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