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Titanic Trisha by SpiralingStaircase
Titanic Trisha
I just noticed this person, :iconwobbleblot:, was having a birthday and I went, "shooooot here's my opportunity to draw that fantastic giraffe-girl he's got." So I drew that fantastic giraffe-girl he's got.

Happy birthday, Wobbleguy.
Divine Interpretation by SpiralingStaircase
Divine Interpretation
This is a plug for :iconmaxgrowth:. For those unaware, Maxgrowth creates live action expansion videos of various types, and he's recently launched a patreon in hopes of getting some more support for those videos. The picture I've drawn is inspired by the premise behind one of his videos and I just hope to raise some awareness for him, whether that awareness reaches him monetarily or otherwise.
Give a Dog a Bone by SpiralingStaircase
Give a Dog a Bone
Directly inspired by the numerous poodle-girls adorning :iconneme303:'s gallery I decided to make one myself using the poodle-chick guidelines found in the description of his picture here:

03271301-Latex Lovelies

Did I do it right?
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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Working Girl

Chapter 16: The New Kid

"I still don't know if I'm comfortable with this..."  Sheila muttered from the driver's seat.
"As you've made me well aware," Maddi intoned, reading  the scrap paper she'd written directions on.  "Right at this light."
"I mean, I know these places exist, here on the outskirts of town, but, I mean, I've never *been* to one of them."
"Sheila, people go here all the time, and places like this all over the world,"  Maddi sighed, rolling her eyes.  "Next left."
"I know, I know, and, I mean, especially over there, I'm sure you have no problems with it,"  Sheila said as she pulled up to the stoplight, "But, here, for me, it's just... I don't know, the way I was raised? It seems so self-indulgent, so... sinful."
"Puritains,"  Maddi said, shaking her head.  "You're allowed to enjoy the good things in life, sheila, regardless of how unused to them you are."
"I just...  Ohhh!"  Sheila whined, her brow creasing as the light turned and she pulled into the parking lot. "I don't know if I'm ready for this, Maddi!"  She whined, in the parking aisle but not yet pulled into a spot.
Maddi's head tilted lke a confused dog's as she regarded her friend, eyebrows arching incredulously.  "...For God's sakes, Sheils, it's just groceries,"  She said, pointing to the upscale supermarket in front of them.
Sheila's lips tightened against her teeth, letting a sigh out through her nose.  "...Fine,"  She eventually said, turning into the first available parking spot.
"Honestly, Sheila, what's gotten into you?"  Maddi asked as she undid her seatbelt.
"I dunno, Maddi, I'm just..."  Sheila sighed as she got out of the car. "I mean, this has *never* been an option for me. These places, I mean, I remember seeing stuff from a place like this once, for a wedding, and that's it."
"Well, get used to it,"   Maddi said as they approached the store. "Grab a trolley, will you?"
"Trolley?" Sheila asked, turning to look behind her and continuing until she had done a full searching circle.  "...Oh, the shopping cart!"  She said, connecting the dots as she neared the doors.
"Cart, trolley, whatever you put the food in,"  Maddi said, nodding.
"Right,"  She said, pulling a trolley from the stack and pausing.  "Wow, even the shopping carts are nicer,"  She said.
"Truly?" Maddi asked, stopping as the doors opened, regarding Sheila.
"Well, I mean, no stains, the lettering isn't faded, no chips in the plastic... I guess I just noticed, you know?"  Sheila said, her voice dropping a decibel with every word as she hurried the cart inside.  Maddi just rolled her eyes and reached into her purse.
"Okay, see anything missing?"  Maddi asked, handing sheila the grocery list.
"Meat, cheese...  We're out of milk?" She asked, looking at Maddi. "I thought-"
"IIII wasn't too enamored with the way it smelled this morning,"  Maddi said.  "Binned it."
"Oh,"  Sheila said, frowning. "Well, I suppose if it's spoiled..."  She said, looking at the list.  "Okay, lunchmeat. So we need to go to..." She trailed off, scanning the signs hannging at the front of the aisles, Maddi doing likewise.
"Packaged food,"  Sheila said, pointing to the rear of the store.
"Deli counter," Maddi said simultaneously, pointing off to the other side of the store.
The two women looked at each other, Maddi with a simpering look of disapproval and Sheila's brow pinching like she'd been caught doing something wrong without knowing.
"We are *not* eating any more lunchmeat that was made in a factory," Maddi intoned, turning the cart towards the deli counter, "And that's final."
"It tastes all right to me..."  Sheila muttered as she followed behind Maddi.

"Let's see..." Maddi said as she came up to the counter.
"Maddi!"  Sheila gasped. "Nine dollars a pound for ham?  Seven dollars a pound for turkey? Fourteen dollars a pound for-?!"
"Oooh, sopresatta,"  Maddi said, looking at the 'offending' meat. "Haven't had that in a while..."
"Maddi, we can't possibly afford this!" Sheila said, pulling the cart closer to herself.
"Don't even-" Maddi started.
"Okay, fine, maybe we *can* afford it, but I don't *want* to! Of everything I could spend my money on, fancy meat isn't it!"
Maddi hauled up straight, jerking her head up and looking askance at Sheila.
"We?"  Maddi asked, incredulous.
"Yes we," Sheila said. "50/50, just like always."
"No," Maddi said, "Not a chance, that was then, this is now."
"No."  Maddi said firmly, jabbing a finger at Sheila. "'We' split the bill when 'we' were both poor college students.  Now that this is no longer the case, there's no reason whatsoever for you to be paying for this.  I'm also, thanks for reminding me, taking over the water and electrical bills."
"But that's not-"
"Don't you *dare* say 'that's not fair'," Maddi said, her voice lowering as her eyes widened. "I lived my entire *life* where riches and ruin were seperated by whose bloody vag you popped out of, so don't talk to me about fairness.  You were born into a poor family, I was born into a rich one, and fair hasn't got a sodding thing to do with it. I could buy the entire contents of that case and have recouped it by next week doing nothing but sitting on my arse, you are *not* paying for it."  Maddi's lips tightened. "The charade is *over*, Sheila. I have money, a *lot* of money, and if I want to spend it on- on *our* living condition, I'd just appreciate a thank you and not some pointless self-sacrificing so you can appease whatever bloody complex that makes you treat charity like a pit viper."  She tossed the shopping list into the front tray of the cart, by Sheila's hands.  "I'm off to get some proper tea for once. Get the meats and cheeses, and don't be cheap with my money or I'll go to the seafood counter and get a dozen pounds of crab legs just to spite you." she said, snatching her purse tight and storming off.  

Maddi turned the corner of the first aisle she came to, stopping and leaning against the shelves full of soda cases and gassed water.
"Idiot," she growled, looking down and clenching her eyes.  "Damn, stupid, bloody, stubborn cocking idiot."  She continued, bringing the heel of her palm up to her eye and wiping her brimming tears away.  She took a deep breath through her nose, shook her head, and went down the aisle to the other end of the store.
"Tea... tea..."  She said, looking down the aisles as she proceeded down the store. Finally finding the correct aisle, she went down it, her heels clicking on the tiled floor.
She passed the mass produced powder-packs that passed for tea to those who didn't know any better, making her way along to the real herbs and roots and so on that she was used to.   Ahead of her was another woman browsing the teas, her positioning such that there was no easy or polite way for Maddi to get to the boxes she wanted.  Sighing, Maddi queued up behind the woman, hoping she found what she wanted quickly.  Maddi stood there tapping her foot, looking at the teas as best she could to see what she wanted, but something nagged her about the woman in front of her, an elusive feeling of familiarity.

Maddi tilted her head to one side and then the other, scouring her mind for some spark of recognition. Certainly wasn't anyone from home, she knew that much.  School?  None of the instructors, certainly. Possibly one of the many students in her class?  Even with a photographic memory, Maddi didn't tend to devote much brainpower to remembering crowds. It wasn't until the woman turned profile to look at another box on the shelf that everything fell into place. The alabaster skin, the platinum blonde curls, the red lipstick, the dainty nose...
"Penelope?"  Maddi blurted out, the woman looking strange and alien to her without the fox ears and enormous backside.
Penelope twisted around, her own face a mask of confused half-recognition until her eyes flicked up to Maddi's face (or perhaps her damnable cowlick) and she smiled.
"Madame Ellison!"  She said, throwing her arms as wide as she could in the aisle and approaching Maddi.  When Maddi took a reflexive step back, Penelope stopped, her arms dropping to her sides before putting her hands on her hips. "Madame!" She repeated, this time adding a bit of exasperation.  "Zere are no customers here. I am being genuine!"
"Er, sorry, just surprised me a bit, that's all," Maddi said, suddenly embarrassed.
Peneope shook her head, blonde curls bouncing around her face as she "tsk"-ed at Maddi.  "C'est la vie,"  She said, grinning. "You can take the Briton off the isle..."
Maddi grimmaced, half at the stereotype and half at her living up to it.
"So what are you here for?"  Maddi asked, desperate to change the subject.
"Oh, I'm just here for a hot chocolate mix," Penelope said, "but zey stopped carrying my favorite brand and now I am left to find a new favorite. I still enjoy making chocolat chaud when I can, but who has the time anymore, non?"  She said, shrugging.  "I assume you are here for the tea, oui? You never struck me as the fizzy drink type."  
Maddi nodded, following Penelope as she went back to her cart. Penelope pushed her cart out of the way so Maddi could browse the teas while Penelope continued to look through the various chocolate and cocoa mixes.
"I must admit,"  Penelope said, turning halfway to Maddi, "It took me a few moments to recognize you."  She smiled.  "Odd to see you looking so... petite, non?"  She smirked, turning back to her browsing.
Maddi found herself blushing, mentally noting that the space between them would have been entirely filled with bum and bosom flesh were they standing this close in their Juggalos uniforms.

Maddi found her teas, or at least enough of them to suffice, and vowed to escape the vortex of embarrassment Penelope was generating around her missing curves.  She had just stepped into the middle of the aisle to move past Penelope when Sheila rolled her cart into the aisle, first recognizing Maddi and then-
"Penny!"Sheila cried out, immediately flinching afterwards as she caught herself speaking too loud in a fancy place. "Penny, what're you doin' here?"  She said in what approximated to a loud whisper as she rattled her cart down the aisle.
"Madame Watson!" Penelope said, smiling and throwing her arms wide as Sheila approached.  Sheila returned the gesture, letting her cart go as she came alongside Penelope and giving her a hug as the cart rolled on by until Maddi stopped it with one of her hands.
"...Boy, that was weird,"  Sheila said, looking down at her modest bust as they broke the hug.
Penelope covered her mouth with the backs of her fingers as she tittered.  "It is, isn't it?"  She giggled.  "Madame Ellison and I were just remarking zo!"
"Heh, I bet,"  She said, taking the cart again as Maddi looked through the lunchmeats and cheeses.  They were the right kinds of meats, Maddi thought, but the fact that Sheila only bought a little of each didn't escape her notice.
"Are you on tonight?" Sheila asked.
"Non, not tonight,"  Penny said.  "Tomorrow annnnnd....  Saturday, I think." she said, her eyes rolling up towards the ceiling as she remembered her schedule. "But Madame Sykes is,"  She said, giving a meaningful look to both of them.
"Brilliant,"  Maddi muttered, shaking her head.  "Well, Penelope, it's been quite nice to meet you like this..."  She trailed off, tugging on the front of Sheila's cart with a finger, drawing the girl past Penelope and hopefully on to the rest of their groceries.
"Oh!"  Sheila exclaimed, letting go of the cart, Maddi rolling her eyes and turning away as another hint it was time for them to go.
"Penny, can you, uh... I mean, would you..."  Sheila started, Penelope giving her a quizzical look as she stammered.  Finally Sheila leaned in, and Maddi heard a few seconds of whispering.
"Ooooh!"  Penelope gasped, clapping her hands together. "I would be delighted to!"  She exclaimed, lowering her voice afterwards.  "Tres magnifique! Simply let me know when you need me!"  
"Thanks Penny," Sheila said,  "I'll be in touch," as they finally detatched and went on down the aisle.

"Now what was-" Maddi started as soon as they were out of earshot.
"Nothing!" Sheila interrupted in a singsong voice, ready for the question. "Top secret, hush-hush."
Maddi simply rolled her eyes and pushed the cart along. They still needed jam with actual *fruit* in it...

* * *

"Bah,"  Maddi sighed as she wandered back over to Sheila and their row of cubbyholes in the locker room. "Too much to hope for, I suppose."  She finished, doffing her blouse.
"What's up?" Sheila asked, turning from Maddi as she grew into her enormous top.
"Riley is on shift tonight," Maddi answered, kicking off her shoes and dropping her skirt, pill tucked behind her ear. "suppose it was too much to hope her memory was off," she said as she dressed in the bold orange and white uniform.
"Ah, Riley's not so bad," Sheila said, catching Maddi's look. "Yes, I *know*," she said before Maddi could say anything, "But you just gotta know how to handle her.  You can keep a rose as a plant, but for goodness sakes don't grab it by the thorns."
"Well all right, Ms. Attenborough, how *does* one handle the rare and elusive wild Riley?" Maddi said, taking her pill once she got her clothes situated.
Sheila giggled at the raspy, grandfatherly impression Maddi gave, the sudden jiggling forcing her to readjust her nearly full top.  "Look, just stay out of her way and don't give her a reason.  Yeah I get one of her boob-bounces every so often, but..."  Sheila trailed off as she saw Maddi's ears shrinking, waiting until her fox ears had grown in all the way. "But, I leave it at that,"  She continued, watching Maddi as she maneuvered her growing curves around the cubbyholes.  "Don't give her any ammo and she won't use it against you. Just let her be a grump somewhere else."
Maddi thought about Riley's outburst the previous night when she was with Angie, about her always having to take care of some crisis Maddi was involved in.  Maddi "Hmph"-ed to herself.  It may very well have been Maddi's situations that were providing Riley with her 'ammunition', but Maddi wasn't the one pulling the trigger, she thought as she finished filling her uniform. Someone needed to teach Riley some cause and effect when it came to troubles.

* * *

"For anyone who wasn't here last night,"  Trixie bellowed from the back of the lounge, "Angie discovered firsthand why we're so strict about maternity leave here."  She looked around , easily picking out the faces that had witnessed Angie's enormous transformation versus those who hadn't.
"If you're curious, ask anyone who was on shift last night. And however bad it sounds, she was worse.  You can have whatever relationships you like while you work here, but for God's sake, if you get even a *whiff* of being pregnant, take your maternity leave! YOu'll have your job waiting for you when you get done, I promise, but you do *not* want to know what these suckers-" Here she lifted one of her size-3 breasts in one hand while tugging on one of her fox-ears with the other- "do to an unborn baby, got me?"  She asked.  After a series of nods, she let her ear and bosom go and continued on.  "Now, since Angie's on maternity leave now, we've got a new girl coming in tonight.  Everyone make sure and make her feel welcome, because here at Juggalos, we all work together.  And as I always say, everything's better-"
"Together,"  Maddi mouthed along with the crowd, rolling her eyes as she began shuffling out of the room and heading for her section.

Maddi was just starting to pull away from the waitress station, loaded up with menus, napkins, silverware, and even a small washcloth she'd brought from the locker room in case of spills, when another waitress came bustling up to her, emphasis on bust.
"Maddi!"  She called out, quietly but forcefully.
"Karen?"  Maddi said by way of acknowledgement.
"You remember when I took over your tables for the wedding party the other night?"  Karen asked.
"Yes..."  Maddi started.  
"I'm cashing in that 'one' you owe me,"  Karen said.
As she recalled, Karen had simply declared Maddi owing her one.   Maddi didn't recall ever agreeing to it.
"I got too much to do tonight to babysit, so you two have fun."
"What-!"  Maddi started, but Karen had already turned to go back to her section, leaving Maddi and the new girl to regard each other with similarly perplexed expressions.
"So who might you be then?"  Maddi asked, one hand on her hip and looking exasperated.
The girl rolled her eyes with a forced smile, "The baby you need to sit, apparently. Name's Sandra. I just got hired, so... Definitely a lot to learn. But at least they answered the 'are those real' question right off the bat."
Maddi laughed. "Sadly, yes.  Okay," She said, clearing her throat. "Waitress stations,"  She said, pointing at the head-level shelf.  "Menus, credit card reader, napkins..."  She reached into her saddlebag, pulling out her handtowel, "and rag for spills, which you can't find here. Grab one of these from the supply room near the kitchen."
Maddi nodded, going over things in her head. She was determined to not give the same bone-idle training she got to the girl she needed to train.
Sandra nodded, watching Maddi's every move, noting every location she pointed to, including the bags on her hips. "Umm, okay. I may need to do this a couple times to get it. I'm a creative learner, I'm told. But once I've got it, I've got it."
"Fine by me,"  Maddi said.  "Now, let's get started. You're a... 2-1, if I'm not mistaken?"  She said, leaning to the side to look  around her bosoms."Umm, yeah. I don't know what the scale is, but they tell me that's what I am. And you'd be a..." She looked Maddi over for a moment and back to herself, like she was trying to do some estimation and mental calculations on her curves. "Three... five...? I mean, is it important to know what everyone is? I assume us -can't believe I'm saying this- smaller girls do a lot of the work?"
"Nearly the opposite, really,"  Maddi said, smirking in spite of herself.  "You need at least a 2 in the bum or a 4 in the bust to carry food. And I'm a 3-4," she added.  "Pray you never get saddled with a 5..."
"Wow... Just how high does this scale go...? No, don't tell me. I don't think I want to know. Yet. Doesn't it make things difficult? I mean, it's not exactly easy moving around with... these." she was an inch away from grabbing her chest, but modesty caught her just a moment before. "
Maddi snorted.  "You must've shown Trixie *some* aptitude, or she wouldn't've hired you,"  She said, double-checking her stocks of utensils and the like.  "You get used to it after a bit. Just mind your turns and you'll do fine."  She handed Sandra a stack of menus. "I see our first table's ready," She said, pointing, "So let's get on with it."

Sandra nodded, the smile on her face looking a little more forced the more nervous she became. She looked at the menus for a moment and snapped to attention, "Sure. Dive right in. Miss... Maddi, was it?"
"Maddison,"  She said, "Maddi if you must. NOT 'Cupcake', and don't ask where it came from,"  She added, heading off to the table before stopping and looking over her shoulder.  "Ah!  No one told you?" She asked, looking at Sandra carrying the stack of menus.
"Eh? Told me what? I mean, I heard someone in the back mention Cup- Uhh, that name you don't like, I won't pry..."
Maddi's eyes flared for a second, but she cleared her throat.  "Rule number one of Juggalos," She said, pointing to her cleavage.  "Never carry *anything* in your hands unless you have to,"  She finished, looking at Sandra expectantly.
Sandra cocked her head to the side for a moment. Seriously? She blushed a bit as she slid the menus into her cleavage.
"There we are,"  Maddi smiled, nodding. "That's how it's done properly here at juggalos, much as I loathe it,"  She said, turning on her heel and putting her hands on her hips.  "Onward, now, and don't spare the smiles!" she said, starting off again.

Sandra turned her smile up to eleven as she trotted to catch up with Maddi, trying not to bounce too much.
"I mean, makes sense... They gave me these things for a reason, right? Fun and functional..." she tried not to sound as nervous as she was.
"Welcome to Juggalos, thank you for waiting, my name is Maddison, how can I help you?"  Maddi said as she came up to the side of the table, handing silverware rolls to the double-date at the table.  "Just so you know, we're training a new recruit tonight, so you lot can blame her if anything goes wrong,"  She said with a laugh, standing to the side and allowing Sandra space to get in front of the table.
Sandra almost didn't catch the joke. She laughed and hoped it didn't come off as forced. "Right. Not to worry. A menu?" she leaned over the table, offering the menus to the men first. "And maybe drinks to start you off?"
When Sandra finished, Maddi stepped into the aisle and turned, waiting for Sandra to come up beside her before she continued on.  
"Not bad," she said as they hedaded to the kitchen.  "Let me have a look at that,"  She said, reaching for Sandra's pad.  "This is all fine, but just for-" She flinched for a second as she rammed the kitchen doors open with her chest- "Just for your own reference, the shorthand we use for 'no ice' is a stroke through the last letter of the drink, like this," she said, turning her pad towards Sandra as she returned Sandra's pad to her. "It's a minor thing, yes, but on nights where you're waiting a dozen tables at a time those half-seconds can make all the difference, once you've added them all up."
Sandra nodded and made the mark on her pad. "Strike for no ice. Got it. That wasn't so bad. Now, what next? Take it to the kitchen, I know..."
"Righto,"  Maddi said, side-stepping another waitress coming the opposite direction. She very nearly ran into Sandra, but she kept the new waitress close to her side, in the valley between the burgeoning mountains to her front and rear.
They reached the kitchen, and Maddi tore off her sheet and slapped it on the order wheel, giving it a little spin towards the kitchen staff. "Ah, sorry,"  She said, putting a hand to her mouth.  "I suppose that was technically your table..."  She shrugged as she headed back for the dining area again. "Though I suppose you don't need training much for that bit..."
"Umm, I guess not. I just need to know where it is, I suppose. But I've got dibs on the next one, right?" she made the motion of slapping with her hand before following after Maddison. "I mean, it helps me remember something when I actually do it." she trotted in front of Maddi to get the door with her breasts, maybe a bit too hard. "Umm, s-sorry. I just need to get used to all this."
Maddi laughed. "Don't worry about that. A lot of the waitresses make a big show of it, draw attention to themselves."  She glanced at Sandra. "But really, if you can still reach your hands in front of your bosoms, use those to open doors," She said, reaching a hand over her breasts to show that they did not, in fact, reach.
Sandra blushed a bit. "R-right. Okay. Hands for when the crowd's not watching. Okay. I can get the hang of this." She took another breath and turned on the smile, "Lead on..."
"Already here," She quipped as she pulled up to a table perusing the menus. "You lot ready to order?  Still need a few?"  She asked, pen and pad at the ready.
"Ehh...." The first person at the table said, flipping through the pages.
"I know what I want..."  The second person said, "But I'm waiting for them."
"I think I'd like a beer, actually,"  The third person at the table said, pointing out the kind he'd like.
"Certainly!" Maddi quipped. "And we'll have it brought to you by our new trainee!"  She said, gesturing to Sandra.  "Will that be all?"  Maddi waited for a moment, then nodded confirmation. "All right, then! Come along, Sandra." She said as she headed for the bar.

Maddi and Sandra made their way to the front of the restaurant, cutting through the wide aisles to get to the raised bar section.
"It gets tight in here," Maddi cautioned as she took the steps up, "Mind your arms and the chair backs."
Sandra followed Maddi up, eyebrows raising as she followed in the british girl's double-wide wake. It was impressive the way she turned and weaved, swaying hips and bouncing breasts missing tables, chairs, and customers by mere inches as she made her way to the bar, squishing past a leaving waitress as she sidled up to the bar where the tenders were busy mixing drinks and carrying on.
"Two kinds of drinks," Maddi said, holding up her fingers, "Low menu and high menu.  Low menu is the regular stuff, high menu is all the... well, *this* nonsense,"  she said, gesturing to her bosoms.  "Bottled drinks, like this... 'spare tire' the gentleman ordered, those obviously are always low menu so you don't need to specify. Only mixed drinks can be high-menu, so only mixed drinks need specifying.  With me so far?"
Sandra nodded as Maddi talked, looking a bit like one of those drinking-bird toys.
"Bottles fine, cocktails ask. Gotcha," She nodded.

One of the bartenders finally looked up at Sandra, catching her eye and nodding once, a slightly pregnant pause before he finally piped up with a "Yes?", adding a more urgent nod.
"Oh! Sorry!" Sandra said.  "One Spare Tire, please,"  She asked.
"That's it?" the bartender asked.
"So far?"  Sandra ventured, as if feeling the truth was somehow an inadequate answer.
The bartender shrugged and ducked under the bar, pulling a bottle of beer out of the fridge built into the bar and deftly popping the cap off before handing it over to Sandra, pausing for a second when she reached for the bottle before letting her take it with her hand.  Sandra turned and started to take a step when Maddi pointedly cleared her throat, causing Sandra to jump.
"Oh!  Geeze, right," She said, staring into her cleavage. "Uh..."
"Hey Maddi!"  A voice came from beside, and Sandra looked to see the largest pair of breasts she'd ever seen, dwarfing even Maddi's impressive measurements. This must have been the fabled "Size 5" Maddi had warned her about, but nothing could have prepared her for the sheer acreage of the woman's bosoms.
"Good evening, Sheila,"  Maddi said, nodding.  "I'm training up the newcomer, it seems."
"Hi!" The enormous bosomed woman said, waving her hand. "Sheila Miles, I work the bar beat. I'd offer my hand, but..."  She said, snickering.  "Can I get in?"
It took Sandra a moment to realize the reason she wasn't offering her hand was because there was no way, even with both their arms extended, that she could ever shake hands facing Sheila and her titanic mammaries.  Sandra brought her free hand up and stiffly waved back, still boggled by the size of Sheila's bosoms.
"...Need to drop off these orders,"  Sheila clarified, causing Sandra to start and quickly step out of the way, Sheila pushing up next to the bar and handing a slip of orders to the tenders. "You working the bar tonight?" She asked.
"No, I'm just showing her the ropes. We should get back to our tables, really,"  She nodded to her friend. "I'll see you at lunch."
Sandra started to move again, and Maddi decanted from the wall, clearing her throat again.  
"Oh!"  Sandra said, spinning to face Maddi, the beer bottle still held next to her chest. "Right, that's... Ah..."  she stammered, looking at her cleavage.
Maddi put her hands on her hips and shook her head. "You can just bloody ask, you know," She said. "There's no shame in it."  Without waiting for an answer, she began rattling off pointers.  

"Close to your face, but not so close you'll breathe on it-stroke-bump into it. Deep enough in your cleavage so it doesn't tilt or slosh, but not so deep the guests can't clearly see it. And above all else, do it quickly, else it'll warm up en route, and even the British don't like their beer warm,"  She said, holding back a smile at her last line.
"Right, right,"  Sandra nodded, repeating the words in her head as she tentatively corkscrewed the bottom of the bottle between her breasts, shivering a little at the sensation.  
"Cold?" Maddi asked. "You get used to it.  Now, let's see how you do with that bottle there.  It's one of the easiet things to carry, they don't slosh easy and stay upright well... wait until you've got to bring a martini glass out, though."
Sandra's brow furrowed as she tried to puzzle that one out, keeping her shoulders as straight as possible to keep the swaying of her breasts, and thus the drink between them, to a manageable level.
"We'll drop this one off, grab the sodas from that other table, and by then they should be ready to order."  Maddi said as she led the way back. "It's a bit of a juggling job, it is, knowing wh-"
"HwOOOah!"  Sandra exclaimed as she missed the step coming down off the bar, stumbling forward a few steps.  She reflexively brought her arms up to catch the drink she was carrying, but without having gotten used to her newly-enlarged size she wound up simply hugging her bosoms into herself, the flesh rising up and steadying the bottle even as the jerking motion sloshed a tiny bit out of the top.
"What in blazes?" Maddi asked, looking back over her shoulder as Sandra straightened herself.
"Dammit, dammit, dammit,"  Sandra spat as she looked around, not knowing what to do.  She took a napkin roll out of her saddlebags and dabbed up the spilled beer, blushing a bit at sticking her hand in her cleavage in front of everyone. "Crap, I'm sorry, what do I do? I didn't mean to!"
"Steady on, then,"  Maddi said, turning and looking at Sandra's chest.  "Bottle's fine, only spilled a little bit. Just hurry on and mind the step next time."
"Right, sorry,"  Sandra said as she followed Maddi, trying to find some way to watch her feet as she walked, nearly whapping a guest on their way to the bathrooms with her bosoms as she twisted her shoulder this way and that, trying without success to see the ground immediately in front of her.

Maddi and Sandra made their way to the table with the three indecisives, Maddi once again stepping aside and gesturing for Sandra to proceed.
"Okay!" Sandra said as she stood up to the table, removing the bottle form her cleavage.  "Here's your beer... sir..."  She said, trailing off a bit as she held the beer out, wavering a bit until one of the men pointed out the recipient.
"You lot decided what you'd like to eat?" Maddi asked, her pad and pen at the ready.  She caught sandra's eye, gesturing slightly with her pen and pad, and Sandra started, scrambling in her saddlebags for her order pad.
"Yeah, I think so,"  The first man said as his compatriot took a swig off his bottle.  "Tell you what, you guys go first, I'll know by the time you're done."
"I'll have the 'Baby Got Back' ribs, half-rack,"  The second man said. "With the mashed potatoes side."
"That's not gonna give you a huge ass or anthing, is it?" The third man ribbed.
"Nothing with a Y chromosome, sadly,"  Maddi said, trying not to roll her eyes.
The third man laughed, taking one last look at his menu as he started speaking.
"Yeah, I'm getting the, uh, the Big Meat Burger,"  He said.
"What kind of cheese?"  Maddi asked, Sandra still writing the name down.
"Ehh... swiss, how about?" the man replied.
"And how would you like that cooked?" Maddi asked.  "Pink throughout, red, a bit of pink inside...?"
"Mmm, mostly pink,"  The man said.
"Medium it is," Maddi nodded, Sandra furiously scribbling to keeep up. "And for you, sir?"  She asked the first man.
"I... I think I'm gonna...  Okay, yeah, I'll take the Best Breast Club Sandwich," he finally said, "But can I get the mustard sauce on the side?"
"Of course," Maddi replied.  "Anything else I can get for you lot?" Maddi finished.
"A lapdance?" The man with the beer said, snickering as he eyed Maddi's enormous bum.
"Not on the menu," Maddi said quickly but still maintaining a veneer of politeness. "All right then, I'll get these in to the kitchen straight away,"  She said, gesturing for Sandra with her pen before maneuvering herself away from the table.

"Uuuuhg, I *hate* that,"  Maddi seethed.
"Does that happen a lot?" Sandra asked, her brows pinching in.
"Often enough," Maddi said, shaking her head. "Comes with the... uniform, I suppose," She added, clearing her throat. Stiff upper lip. Mustn't let the new girl down, you're supposed to be training her, after all! "Right then, let's see what you've got there," Maddi said as they headed for the kitchen, holding her hand out for Sandra's pad.  Sandra moved alongside Maddi, accidentally bumping her swaying rear as she approached."Ooops! Sorry! I didn't mean to!"
"Mind the sway," Maddi said as her cheeks jiggled from the impact, "But no harm done. Just mind you don't do it when I'm carrying food," she said, taking Sandra's notepad.  "Hmm, good printing, so the cooks won't have any problems, but you're making more work for yourself than you need," She said as she handed both her and Sandra's pads back. "See there?  Nothing on the menu has the same acronym, so 'BMB' or 'BBCS' really can't mean much of anything else. The 'M' after the burger means 'Medium, obviously, with 'W' and 'R' for 'Well done' and 'Rare', respectively.  Mix as needed for the edge cases- medium rare and whatnot- and cheeses are the first two letters of the name."
Sandra nodded, comparing her long, hastily-scribbled names with Maddi's much more compact "BMB-M, Sw" note. She went down the lists, comparing how they were shortened and committing the abbreviations and symbols to memory, like the circled 'Mus' on the chicken sandwich to indicate it being put on the side.

"All right, go ahead and give yours to the cooks, should work well enough.  I'm going to use the loo,"  Maddi said, walking ahead of Sandra and turning left at the intersection with the kitchen. Sandra went ahead and tacked her order up next to the others in the kitchen, asking "Like this, right?" as she did so, breathing a sigh of relief as one of the cooks nodded at her in response. Nothing *too* disastrous so far, or at least she hoped.  She looked down the hallway towards the lounge and the bathrooms, wondering how long Maddi would be.  She looked back towards the dining area, seeing another waitress approaching with used dishes clanking lightly on her breasts, looking bigger than Maddi's but not yet the same enormous size as Sheila's.

She looked back to her pad, comparing it with Maddi's.  
"Circle for sides, two letters for cheeses, acronyms..."  She muttered to herself, trying to commit the shortcuts to memory.  She heard dishes clanking behind her as they were loaded in the washbin. "Let's see, it's 'Sw' for swiss, so that'd be 'Am' for american, 'Ch' for cheddar...  do they have sharp and mild?  And I wonder about provolone..."  She muttered under her breath, looking for a menu to check.
"What was that?" a voice came from behind her the question so pointed and aggessive it made Sandra jump like it'd been a whip-crack.
"What was wha-?" She started, spinning on her heels and going a bit farther than she'd originally intended. She steadied herself and looked at the glaring eyes behind short dark hair. "I didn't-"
"Didn't what?" Riley said, advancing.  Her breasts pressed against Sandra's front. "You got somethin' to say to me?"
Sandra took a half-step back, mentally and physically. "What? No! I don't even know you!"
"Know eough to talk about me behind my back, though, eh newbie?"  Riley said, stepping forward, keeping pressure on Sandra's breasts with her own titanic mounds.
"Wh-what? No! I don't talk about people behind their back! I haven't even been here three hours yet, I don't even know your name!" she raised her hands in a surrendering pose, stepping back as Riley stepped forward. She was more confused than scared, but she feared just how much this would escalate.
Just then Maddi exited the bathroom, seeing  Riley bearing down on the poor waitress. "Oi!"  Maddi called out, "What's-"
"Oh, so THAT'S it,"  Riley snarled, pressing further against Sandra.  "Been getting all your gossip from 'Cupcake', have you?  The Royal Pain?!"
"N-n-no! I haven't gotten anything out of Cupca- Maddi- *Maddison*!" she shook her head. "M-Maddi, tell her! I haven't said anything about anyone; I'm still trying to get order shorthand down!"
"Oi, hold on a-"  Maddi said, walking quicky down the hall.
"Fine! I see how it is! Here!"  Riley yelled, ducking her shoulders and giving a great forward/upward heave with her breasts, shoving Sandra violently.  
Maddi saw Sandra starting to topple over, and lunged to catch Sandra, her instinctive reach with her arms ultimately futile as her breasts reached Sandra first, catching her and propping her back up right as Riley closed the distance, squashing Sandra between the colliding walls of barely-constrained breastflesh.
Sandra turned bright red as she was steadied between their four breasts. It's just a costume, it's just a costume, she repeated in her mind. "R-really, I don't know what's going on. This is just a big misunderstanding-"
"Oi, what's your problem, then?"  Maddi barked, fed up with Riley's crap and knowing she had the mass to stand up to her after the night with Angie.  
"You're already a huge pain in my ass, I don't need you helping others along like your damn nuicance junior!"  Riley said, shoving her boobs with her arms to try to push Maddi out of the way.
Sandra rocked with Riley's shove but stood her ground. She snaked her hands through their cleavage to make her best 'surrender' pose again. "Um, hey, this is between you two, I'm sure, so if you could maybe just let me out and we can discuss this like calm-"
Maddi took a half-step back, then bowed her own shoulders forward, pressing against Riley's tide of breastflesh like she was bracing against strong winds, pressing back even harder.
"That's more than enough from you, you prat!"  Maddi said. "Some nerve, harrassing her just because I'm training her!"
"Training her to be a bitch, sure!" Riley spat back, shouting now as she shoved harder and harder against Maddi, their breasts mashing out and up as there was no more give between them in this push-of-war.
"G-girls...? Hey, c'mon..." Sandra felt herself being lifted by the mounds around her, the masses of flesh rising up around her. She stood on her tip-toes as they threatened to envelop her and leaned back, trying to keep balance. "C-come on now, can't we talk this over..?"
With a shove from Riley, Sandra yelped as she was lifted off her feet, Maddi's pushback sending her jostling the other way.  Only Sandra's size 2 bust kept her from sliding between the compressed cleavage as Maddi and Riley continued to shove breasts and hurl insults against one another.   Maddi had the balance to stay on her feet, but Riley's larger bosoms were winning the war, and Maddi knew it was only a matter of time before she was bowled over under the relentless assault of Riley's furious funbags. Reaching over her bosoms Maddi took hold of Sandra's arm and spun away, tilting back so she was momentraily cradling Sandra in her cleavage as she moved away, Riley stumbling forward and pegging herself into her own cleavage as Maddi's resistance suddenly vanished.
Maddi had scarce little time to reflect on the most perverted ballet ever as she set Sandra back down, hurrying her back into the dining area and away from Riley.
"What the heck was her problem?" Sandra muttered to Maddi as they passed through the double doors to the dining area. "I'm just minding my own business and she starts shouting at me!"
"I see you've met the resident wrecking ball..."  Maddi muttered, straightening her outfit.  
"Oh, so it's not just me," Sandra said, her expression softening a bit. "That's... comforting, in a way."
Maddi laughed.  "Sadly, no. It's everyone.  And she seems to have it particularly out for me..."  Maddi said. "What brought all this nonsense on, anyhow? I know Riley's a prat, but surely something happened to set off her tinder-box..."
"I think it was my habit. I'm trying to get a lay of the land and keep everything straight, so I kinda... talk to myself. Repeat everything, make up some mnemonics, that kinda thing. I usually keep it in my head, but I guess I was muttering." She shook her head, trying to stay with Maddi as they walked between the tables. "She thought I was talking about her for some reason. I guess if she's that infamous, it was a safe bet..."
"And paranoid, apparently,"  Maddi scoffed.  "Come on, we've got to get those drinks to the table, and the next table after that..."
Sandra nodded. "Right. In the cleavage, not too deep, not too high, mind the step right past the bar so it doesn't spill this time. Got it," She nodded, straightening herself before looking to Maddi. "...Right?"
Maddi smiled. "Fast learner, you are," she said. "Just need to get used to... well, all that, and you're spot on."  She turned, and paused, looking back to sandra.  "Please don't let on to anyone I did ballet with you jammed in my cleavage," she said, blushing a bit.  "There's comfortable, but then there's *too* comfortable..."
Sandra stifled a giggle. "I'm just glad to be out of there," she said.
Maddi nodded.  "Right. Onward, then," She said, and continued to the next table.


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