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Lust Sketch
Not exactly a fully polished piece, but I had this sketch of Lust laying around all unfinished that I'd done some months back so I decided to just clean it up to where it was presentable and pop it up here since I doubt I'll actually finish it but thought it was good enough to share just the same.

I'm a bit late getting to this, but I want to plug the newest expansion/transformation video from :iconmaxgrowth:.

It's called "Change Wars" and can be found at the store at

It's something he's worked hard on so I'm just helping put it out there for anyone that might otherwise not know about it. In addition to this just being a plug for him this gets a special mention here because Juggalos gets a special mention in the video. Interesting, huh?
Tight Squeeze
Here's another naga commission from :iconvampsoldier: involving his gal, Sylvia, and my gal, Dana. The story he wrote for this one follows below.

Written by Vampsoldier
Edited by Treadedwater

Dana Plumpcoiler belongs to SpiralingStaircase
Sylvia Plushbottom belongs to Vampsoldier

Dana opened the double doors of the record shop with a swing of her wide hips. The naga girl remained standing in the door frame for a few seconds, awaiting amazed gasps or shocked reactions from potential admirers, but to her disappointment the store was empty. She pouted a little, having hoped there would be people around noticing not only her dashing entrance but also the extra weight she had gained.  Dana had recently participated in a large number of drinking contests and the excess of calories from the plentiful beer and liquor had gone right to her hips and breasts.

She was now glad Sylvia had built that double door in after that incident with the snake charmer record, because that ass of hers would never have fit through a normal door. The naga slowly made her way into the room with all its record shelves and posters of rock groups from past decades. Her huge bosom were now the size of a pair of basketballs, an amazing improvement considering she’d only had a pair of generous handfuls a month ago when she and her friend Sylvia had crashed that club together. The other naga had been bigger than her in the bust department at that time and roughly the same size when it came to the posterior, but the purple-haired girl was confident she had beaten her friend by now.

With a cocky smile, Dana slithered around the next shelf to find Sylvia leaning onto the corner, browsing on her tablet with a bored expression.  Dana stopped in mid movement, unable to believe what was squished between Sylvia’s arms and underneath her chin.  Her fish-net top seemed even more torn than usual and the green bra beneath seemed as challenged as Dana’s black top. Was she bigger again?!

While the purple haired girl was still trying to figure out the size dimensions, Sylvia looked up and her expression immediately brightened up as she saw her friend.  The onyx-scaled beauty left her place and slithered in front of the shop counter to pull her friend into a big hug. Dana was overwhelmed by all the squish as her huge jugs made contact with her friend’s counterpart tits.  Both were so big that Sylvia barely got her arms around the emerald-scaled naga.

“Girl, what happened to you? YOU’RE GINORMOUS!” Dana blurted out in surprise.

“You’re one to talk!” Sylvia answered with a sly smile, sticking her pierced tongue out.

Each woman leaned back slightly to take a better look at the other. It seemed they were about even in both bust and hips, although Dana could swear Sylvia had a few inches more on her breasts, but their butt cheeks were both gigantic.  Two perfectly round slabs of meat that seemed to rest on two equally large and thick tails.  Dana had felt her cheeks grind against the scales of the thigh part of her tail, and while the squishing had been a delectable feeling she now wondered how it would feel to press her airbags against Sylvia’s. The skull on her friend’s hips seemed bigger than ever and the purple haired woman couldn’t help but ask about Sylvia’s increased proportions.

“How did you get so big? Did you gain weight?”

Sylvia giggled and waved her hand, like the issue was unimportant. “Yeah, whenever I eat too much, it goes straight to my hips and sometimes more to my breasts. Surprisingly, it never affects my waist much. I always keep that hour-glass shape.”

She put her hand to her big, plump lips which Dana now noticed were also larger. “I wonder if that has something to do with the snake genes. I mean, you have never seen a cobra with a fat mid riff, right? It always seems to be distributed all over tail and body.”

Dana had asked herself the same question before—it would certainly explain why the two girls seemed to have almost identical body forms. She started poking her friend’s breast while trying to get some answers out of her, which only caused her finger to sink in up to the knuckle.

“Where did you get the money for all that food? I hardly doubt this store throws off enough to live in gluttony and decadence.”

Sylvia laughed again as she pushed her friend’s hand away and leaned with her butt against the counter. The thing was made of sturdy oak but it still creaked a little as the two glutes flattened like pancakes and moved out to both sides, effectively doubling the width of the black lower half.

“I recently had some admirers who didn’t want to stop bothering so I made them take me for several meals per day to my favorite places. I love spicy food and that family-sized double jalapeno, chili salami pizza is not cheap. Needless to say, they gave up their chase for me when they saw the bill of a week.”

Dana’s eyebrows went up for a moment, but then she laughed as well. She tried to get her arm around Sylvia’s shoulders as far as possible with both of their mountain-like backsides squishing into each other. “That’s my girl! Hey, do you have any plans for tonight? I wanted to…”

But the naga was interrupted by the door opening.  Walking in was a scrawny otter with long black hair obscuring both of his eyes, wearing a faded shirt showing the age old rock band, Old Gods of Asgard, and some ragged jeans.  He slowly shuffled over to the two snake ladies while his eyes were wandering the room… or staring at their assets… or looking on the ground—it was nearly impossible to tell with that hair.

“Hey Sylvia, did the new album arrive of that Metallica cover band?” His voice was barely there and Dana could only stare at him with wide eyes. He was like the walking stereotype of a rock geek!

But to her surprise, her friend gave a warm smile and pointed to a nearby stand. “Sure thing, Hank, I put it there for you. However, the cyborgs they built from the dead remains of the old band recently made a much better album.”

The otter waved this suggestion off as he walked over to the stand. “Bah, they should’ve never signed that contract that their bodies also belonged to the record label after their death.”

As the guy was out of earshot and busy looking through the records, Dana leaned so far over that Sylvia got a close-up view of her fat, blue lips. ‘They look like delicious candy’ thought the raven-haired girl.

“Oh my goooood, Sylvia, who is that guy? Is he one of your regular customers?”

The onyx-scaled naga blinked a few times, baffled by Dana’s sudden behavior but then nodded.

“Hank? Yeah, he’s practically been my customer ever since that shop opened its doors. He’s cool and he’s not one of those posers. His music knowledge is even bigger than mine and he definitely knows what’s going in the music scene. I’m pretty sure he’s working for a label or something.”

Dana’s eyes widened slightly and she started poking her friends breasts again like she always did when she felt she could get an intriguing snippet of gossip. “Don’t tell me the nerd has been hitting on you. Does he have hots for you? Did he touch your butt?”

Sylvia swatted her friend's hand away with a disgruntled look. “Shut up, Hank never even tried something like that. He’s just here for the records and you shouldn’t talk like that. You know I don’t like it when you spread such rumors.”

Dana grinned mischievously before wrapping her arm around her friend again. “Awww come on, I’m just pulling your tail. To get back to my previous topic, I wanted to ask if…” but she was interrupted again as someone else had come in, someone who definitely didn’t look like a rock or metal fan. It was a man with horn rimmed glasses, a fedora and a scar on top of a shirt and Hawaiian pants. As Sylvia saw the guy, she immediately put that angry look on she was known for and reached behind her counter to grab a broom.

“Hey you there, HIPSTER! Can’t you read the sign? NO HIPSTERS ALLOWED!”

The man flinched upon hearing the roaring voice, but straightened his back and tried to look entitled as he reached for his glasses with an expression of hurt pride. “Excuse me, good lady, but I am just here to purchase some of your finest rock records and I am certain as a customer I have the right… ouch!”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was struck by the broom.  As he had closed his eyes to give his little speech, the onyx-scaled beauty had bridged the gap much faster than her huge ass should’ve allowed her to do.  Her slithering motion had caused her glutes to swing with so much momentum from side to side, the sheer force had caused a circulation of air that blew many of the records off the shelves she passed by.  With the path behind her plastered in fallen discs, it almost looked like a Godzilla-movie monster had attacked a shelf city. The mere thought of Sylvia’s butt destroying skyscrapers made Dana chuckle.

What made her break into actual laughter was how Sylvia was wailing with the broom on the hipster cowering down in the corner and desperately trying to explain his point. “Why are you… ouch… doing that? I just wanted to purchase some… ow!... records!”

The raven haired woman stopped for a second, breathing heavily. The deep panting made her huge boobs bulge out so much they almost blasted her bra and fishnet top. “I’ve had it with these motherfucking hipsters in this motherfucking town. Ever since the hipster community decided last month that rock, metal and every sub genre is the new trend, you scarf wearing posers have been trying to invade my store. How many times do I have to tell you that only people who know and appreciate my music are allowed to buy here and not people who pretend to know a lot about it! Come back when you want to buy this not because it’s popular but because it’s the only true music form!”

The hipster had been staring this whole time at her heaving bust but now crossed his arms and turned his head to the side, pouting like a little girl. “You can’t make me,” he stated defiantly.

Sylvia’s reply was prompt.  “Oh, is that so?”

If he would’ve looked up, he might have seen the dangerous glint in her eyes. Before the object of her anger could even react, Sylvia had snaked her tail around him, and while the onyx-scaled appendage was thick and softer to the touch than most pillows, you don’t keep moving an ass the size of a person around without any natural power. Under the thick layer of fat were some frighteningly thick muscles, and all of them tightened at once around the intruder. The man suddenly looked like his eyes were about to pop out and Sylvia hauled him along as she moved over to the door. With a swift snapping of her lower half, which made her mountainous buttocks quake like jelly, she spun around and threw the guy out onto the sidewalk.

“And stay out!” Slowly, the raven-haired naga made her way back to her friend near the counter. Dana was laughing so much that she could barely hold herself up. Tears were running down her cheeks and her breasts were quaking so hard they looked like they were about to fall out of her stretched top.

“That was amazing, girl. You definitely showed that guy whose boss here, but I’m a little surprised you treat someone like that who was willing to pay money for stuff he didn’t understand a bit.” She wiped a tear from her eye but still continued to grin, displaying her long, pointy front teeth.

Sylvia grinned back, but stopped as soon as she looked around at the mess she’d made. “I don’t do this for the money. I started working at this record shop because I wanted to bring tasteful music to people who were corrupted by the digital age, not realizing how much they are missing out.”

She slowly turned around and started picking up the fallen vinyl discs. “This store is for all the people who want to find extraordinary pieces the industry calls ‘niche music’ and who actually appreciate a salesman with expert knowledge and connections.”

Dana smiled as she watched her friend bend over to pick stuff up. Her butt was so large; it almost seemed to protrude higher than Sylvia was tall. Proudly the two mountains of scales stood up, slowly jiggling from side to side in tandem with the naga's hips wiggling like they were provoking the rest of the world to challenge them. They said ‘We are here and we are here to stay. This girl belongs to us!’ which made Dana wonder if both of their asses could become big enough to overpower them. Her train of thought was interrupted when Sylvia continued.

“Like, last week came this guy in, scrawny kid wearing a rocker outfit. He walked over to me and tried to start a conversation about the recent bands. I thought I had found someone to lecture but he didn’t even let me finish. He just jumped immediately to how he had a band and how cool they were and that I should come to see them. Pfff like I am falling for the next guy who says he has a band. I can’t stand such posers.”

Dana slowly moved up next to her friend while she was still bent over to pick the records up. With a mischievous smile, she bumped her own wide hips into Sylvia’s, making them squish together. “Well, can you blame him? I’m surprised more customers aren’t coming because of those two fine pieces of naga meat here. Don’t tell me you don’t take advantage of that to snatch a few free meals.”

But Sylvia didn’t let her friend tease her this time. She just raised an eyebrow as she answered, “Like you aren’t using your chunky butt to get free drinks out of it. As far as I heard it, you are always getting the ‘booty discount’.”

Dana grinned and moved behind her friend again. “Hey, we can’t all have a well paid job like you. Speaking of free meals though, I wanted to ask if you are going with me to the Serpent Engraissé. They are holding a big dinner tonight there, a private party for the high society, invitation only. Imagine the buffet and all the drinks.” The purple-haired girl was almost drooling at the thought of it.

Sylvia tried to look over her shoulder but there was no way she could look past her titanic butt since Dana was standing in her blind spot. “Serpent Engraissé? Weren't we there last year when that was still a burger joint?”

Dana leaned forward to make eye contact with her friend, resting her huge jugs on her friend’s posterior, squishing them together like marshmallows. “Exactly, some guy bought it a few months ago and renovated the whole place. I have no idea why someone would turn a burger shack into a fancy restaurant but from what I heard, the layout is still the same. We should go there and totally crash that party.”

Sylvia’s eyebrows went up. “Are you crazy? The place will probably be crawling with security. We are going to get arrested or worse like getting shot. My butt is too beautiful for jail. I also have no idea how to crack locks or break in.”

 “Who said we would have to break in? The back of the building is still the same. They still have the same window leading to the storage room and they still have the same kitchen staff like before, just with a new five-star chef. I know a guy and the window isn’t even properly locked. That will be a piece of cake.” Dana smiled but as Sylvia continued to frown, she straightened herself and started slapping her friend’s giant cheeks.

“Come on, it will be fun, you know you want to!” She continued drumming the wobbling mountains, which was quite a challenge since they were so big now that the backlash could actually punch Dana, but she didn’t care. Every slap with the palm of her hand was accompanied with a ‘come on’ and while Sylvia at first grunted ‘stop it’ in annoyance, she soon giggled and eventually started laughing.

“Alright, you won. Just stop so I can get up.”

Dana laughed back and made some space so her friend could straighten her back. The two titanic slabs of meat were still moving like mad but she had persuaded her friend to go along with her, like always. With the same enthusiasm the purple-haired girl displayed before all of their adventures, she grabbed her friend and pointed at the non-existent horizon. “To rich snobs and free booze!” Walking that tight was nearly impossible, but despite their rears squishing against other, Dana managed to drag her friend through the wide door.

The front of the building looked really expensive. Serpent Engraissé was written in ornate letters and adorned with gold. The place was fancy, which was fitting as it was a typical cliché restaurant for the rich. The rear of the building, however, hadn’t changed much. It was still that barren, dusty red wall with the sliding window they had used last time to get in.  One thing was different, though.

Dana was outraged. “The bastards painted over my graffiti!”

Last year the pair had been here quite often to snatch free food, so the purple haired girl had decided to mark it as their territory with spray-paint vandalism.  But Dana’s artistic contribution to the building was now gone. With a quick motion, the naga reached back into the canyon-like crack of her butt and pulled a spray can out. Soon she had crudely printed with big letters ‘NAGAS RULE’ next to the window.

“There, that should do it.”

Sylvia shook her head. “Do you always carry one of those around?”

Dana winked at Sylvia and gave her own huge butt a slap. “Hey, a girl always needs to be prepared. Besides, this thing is much better than breasts. I would never be able to carry that much in my cleavage. Alright, time to get in.” The emerald-scaled naga fiddled around with the opening mechanism until the window slid to the side. “You get in first.”

The raven-haired girl skeptically looked at the narrow space and suddenly wondered if that was such a good idea, but it was too late for second thoughts. She lifted herself up a little with her tail and dove forward to get through. Her shoulders were slim, or at least slim compared to the rest of her, just like her waist, so that wasn’t a problem…  But when she was through with her upper body, she felt her hips making contact with the window frame.  Sylvia didn’t expect it to go through that easily, of course, so she put her arms to both sides and pushed while she dug her tail into the ground for leverage.  Her arms were like noodles compared to the enormous strength and muscles of her tail, but she only felt how her hips moved slowly. The naga grit her teeth and tried to get further but after a few moments she realized she was stuck.

Dana had her arms crossed under her huge bust, lifting her breasts up under her chin while she was impatiently tapping the ground with the end of her tail. “Hurry up! What’s taking you so long? You didn’t have this problem half a year ago.”

Sylvia grunted in annoyance as she turned to look through the other half of the window at her friend. “Half a year ago I didn’t have an ass the size of a truck. I am stuck. You gotta help me!”

The emerald-scaled naga sighed and shook her head as she stepped forward to put her hands against her friend’s butt. “You should tone those meals down and lose some weight. Alright, I push and you pull. With our combined strength, we should be able to do it.”

With those words, Dana leaned forward.  Her hands sunk in up to the wrists and she tried to put her weight in but despite Sylvia tensing and shaking with exertion, the giant, black-scaled butt wouldn’t move. Now it was Dana’s turn to grunt and grit her teeth while she pushed even harder. Her arms were now up to her elbows engulfed in the soft, sable meat. It felt like she was trying to push some enormous, fluff-filled pillows through a hole, and while she admitted lying down and having a nap would be great right now, it was certainly no help solving the matter at hand.

Soon her arms were burning, getting more and more tired. Her whole upper body was now pushed into the titanic orbs that from close-up looked like twin planets.  She didn’t have any more strength in her arms than Sylvia, and at this point only her tail was doing work, just pushing her whole upper body into her friend.

Sylvia was also pushing as hard as possible, but the whole situation was more than embarrassing. She could feel her friend’s whole upper body against her sensitive cheeks, every detail of it having contact with her posterior. Dana’s huge breasts seemed to compete for space with her rear, feeling like mosquito bites compared to the vast and monumental size of her booty meat. Her friend’s face seemed to come in contact with it whenever the purple-haired girl gave another push and Sylvia felt the whole outline of it. She always admired her best friend’s profile—the strong nose, the prominent jaw line and those protruding lips that seemed a much better fit to a face as sturdy as the one Dana had.  Her friend’s countenance had character, and while Sylvia couldn’t complain with her cute little nose, she had always felt her own huge lips seemed out of place.

Her train of thought was interrupted as she felt her friend’s bust against her ass again. It was a pleasant feeling, but that only made her face burn even more.  The whole situation was awkward so she tried desperately to get the most of out her tail.

The wall surrounding the window started to crack.  Neither of them noticed, as Sylvia was on the other side and Dana was completely diving into an ocean of onyx scales.  If they would’ve done more research, they would’ve learned that the owner actually DID some changes and one of it was using unbreakable glass for the windows. However, even if the glass was unbreakable, the surrounding wall was still made of the same material.

Both were huffing and panting like they ran a marathon and the cracks in the wall continued to spread. Real cement might’ve withstood the onslaught of two tails with more muscles than many bodybuilders might possess, but this had been a burger shack so the previous owner saved money through cost reduction with the construction material.  Luckily, the two had managed to push Sylvia through the apex and she finally went in.

The sudden lack of resistance caused both to fall forward. Sylvia pulled her tail in and looked with an exhausted expression at her friend. “Finally… *pant* that took like… *pant* forever.”

Dana nodded and then tried to pull herself through the window. Suddenly her expression went from tired to horrified.  Sylvia gulped and looked at the window, her friend was also stuck. Both groaned but Sylvia immediately got up and grabbed her friends' hands. She dug her tail in and pulled with all her might. Dana gritted her teeth and tried to not get her arms torn off as she pushed too but the wall had seen enough. With a loud bursting noise, the wall broke and huge pieces of plaster were thrown in all directions.

Neither of them had expected that and, with nothing holding Dana, she flew immediately at her friend, face first into her huge breasts. Both landed on the ground and Sylvia looked down with wide eyes as her friend’s head was stuck in the marshmallow hell. Her arms flailed around in panic as she desperately tried to get out. With a popping noise, she finally came free and took a deep breath.

“Jeeze, girl, you need a weapon’s license for those.” She looked back and saw the frame of the window still around her hips. “Shit, help me with that. There must be some olive oil around here.”

Sylvia got up and searched the shelves of the storage room. She managed to come back with some oil, which they immediately smeared over Dana’s rear. A few pulls and a popping noise later, the frame was off and thrown into a corner. The purple haired girl looked down at her butt, which was now well oiled up and glistening in the neon lamps of the small room.

Sylvia started laughing and pointed at it. “You're well oiled up. Are you sure you wanna crash a party and not head for the porn set of ‘Huge Butts 2: Return of the Monster Ass’?”

Dana frowned as she rubbed her sore hips. “Haha very funny.” As she looked around, she noticed the giant hole in the wall which was now big enough to let both of them through easily. “I really hope nobody heard that. We should get going.”
The door led to the kitchen which was buzzing with activity. People in white aprons with hair nets or white hats were running around carrying food, plates or both. The kitchen was big but the paths between the tables and work station was still too small so that constantly someone had to squeeze past the wide naga's hips or got stuck between their butts. Finally they managed to come near the end where a rotund man with sunglasses in a similarly white uniform was working. He turned around as he saw them approaching and immediately showed a toothy grin. “Dana! Haven’t seen you in a while. What brings you here?”

Dana grinned back and pulled the guy into a short hug. “Good to see you, Paul. I thought I’d bring my friend along for some free meals.”

The man pulled his sunglasses down to look first at Sylvia’s face and then her lower half. He whistled and turned back to Dana. “Wow, she seems to be packing as much as you do. Feel free to go in but I can’t cover your ass this time.”

Dana laughed. “I hardly doubt anything can cover that at this point.”

The short chef knit his brows. “I’m serious, Dana. Some of these bigwigs brought their own security here. You won’t see me stopping you but I’m also not willing to get beaten by them. If you go out there, you’re by yourself.”

The emerald-scaled naga smiled warmly before pressing a peck on his cheek. “I appreciate your concerns, Paul, but you don’t have to do anything. I can look out for myself and I brought my friend here for backup. We will be in and out before anything happens.”

Paul still looked concerned but nodded. Sylvia however had put a worried look on. “What was that about getting beaten? Hey, Dana maybe we should stop that. Dana? Ah fuck…”

Her friend had already slithered on through the door leading into the main room. Sylvia followed after her, only to be stunned by the party she found. It was a big room, almost too big, filled with dozens of long tables, almost cracking under the pressure of all the piles of plates. There was enough food in this room to feed a whole army. People in expensive clothes, suits and dresses, were standing in small groups, chatting as waiters quickly moved by, handing them Champagne or hors d'oeuvres. The raven-haired girl finally caught up to her friend.

“Who was that guy? You guys seemed familiar. Was he some kind of admirer?”

Dana chuckled. “What? Paul? Nah, he’s gay. I was his wingman a couple of times to pick up cute guys. You might be surprised but I’m not only catching heteros with that butt. We should split up and try to loot as much stuff as possible. You can find me at the bar.” And with those words, she was off.

Sylvia looked around, uncertain what to do.  Standing nearby was a man with a top hat, a monocle and a white mustache, so she slithered over to tap him on the shoulder. “Hey, Mr. Monopoly, where can I find the spicy stuff?”

The man turned around, pulled his monocle off and looked at her from top to bottom in as dignified a way as possible. “What did you call me?” he asked.

The naga vaguely gestured. “You look like that old man from the monopoly game. The only thing missing are the big money bags. Ah, you know what? I’ll find it myself, gramps.” She left the man standing with a shocked expression and made her way to the next table. People were already crowding around it but Sylvia had the hips for the job. With a loud ‘excuse me!’ she bumped the skinny women and scrawny men aside. The table had almost everything a heart could desire: roasted pheasant, pig knuckles, caviar on beans, salmon in cheese cream and all kinds of other things. The naga’s mouth started watering and she grabbed herself a big plate to start loading it with everything in reach. Many of the people threw her indignant glances but their eyes went even wider after they saw her rear.  Many of them immediately started whispering.

“Who is that woman?” was asked.  Phrases to the effect of “She looks so vulgar. Just look at her piercings and tattoos and her bottom is so obscene!” was repeated more than once.

“I bet she was hired for entertainment. Yolanda is definitely capable of doing something like that. She’s such an eccentric host. Just look at that woman, she seems to be from the circus.”

“I don’t know what you all have. I find that girl quite refreshing. Finally something to talk about at this boring party. I bet that butt isn’t even real. Lemme test it.”

The last words were spoken by a young, self-important nobody. The man snuck up from behind on Sylvia and slowly raised his hand to take a wide swing. The eyes of everyone nearby were glued to that motion, silently salivating over the outcome.

With a loud slap, the hand collided with the continent of booty flesh. If someone with a camera had watched the whole scene in slow motion, he could have observed how the cheek first gave in, flattening and bulging around the hand which looked small and childish against the vast ocean of onyx scales. However, then Newton’s third law came in. In reaction of the force, the butt cheek exerted a counterforce which resulted in the flattened globe immediately trying to jump back in its original shape. That in turn resulted in it lashing out with the full mass of Sylvia’s lower half. Just as they say “If you slap the butt, the butt slaps back”, the sheer force of it hit the young man in the chest and send him flying over the next table.

He went crashing down and disappeared beneath some debris. Sylvia turned around to look what was happening. Her cheeks were big and rounded, making her look like a squirrel, but with the ability all snakes are known for, her throat widened around it and the cantaloupe sized bulge traveled downward just like snakes who swallow small animals in the wild. Only seconds after turning around, her mouth was empty enough to speak and with a puzzled expression, she asked the surrounding crowd if someone had tried to ask her something.

The rich party-goers, however, were too busy whispering in excitement about what had just happened, both the flying young man and Sylvia's ability to eat so much. The young naga just shrugged and turned back to plundering the buffet. A second glance revealed that her butt was still jiggling and her cheeks were bumping into each other, creating small clapping noises so frequent it sounded like the angry buzzing of a bee hive.

Meanwhile, Dana had managed to find the bar, which was fully armed with all kinds of booze as well as a bartender. Since she wasn't one of the actual guests, the sly snake girl had to put her 'charms' to use. The bartender was a man in his 40s, wearing a white and black uniform like the rest of the waiters scuttling around. The receding hairline was an indicator of an upcoming life of baldness but the man displayed a smug expression like he wasn't a bartender polishing a glass but actually a high priest tending an altar.

The man was so caught up in the act that he didn't hear the whispering at first. "Pssst, hey buddy... hey... psst! Buddy!"

He looked around, confused, until he spotted a pair of amber colored eyes and a purple shock of hair above the edge of the counter. When Dana was certain she had his attention, she slowly rose up with a sly smile to place her huge bust onto the wooden bar. The naga tried to put on a seductive expression as her finger drew circles on her half naked breasts. They spilled out over the oak surface like pancakes but twice as delicious. The black top got strained to its limit yet again, and the split tongue danced above them, showing off the various metal studs.

"Heya, cutie, how about you help a girl out? My throat is awfully dry and I can't afford the prices here. If you treat me to some bottles, I'll make it worth it for you."

The purple-haired girl winked and blew him a kiss with her plump lips but the man just raised an eyebrow and affected a laugh.

"Honey, I'm gay and if I would hand out free drinks for every skank that sneaks in to crash a party, I would be scrubbing the restrooms instead of manning the bar."

Dana pouted and fully stood up to turned around and leaned with her back against the bar, propping herself up on her elbows while sighing. "Man, why is every important person gay here. You are gay, Paul in the kitchen is gay..."

The man stopped scrubbing his glass and cocked his head to the side. "Paul? You mean the guy in the chef uniform?"

The naga's head spun around, expression lighting up. "You know Paul?"

The man sneered. "No, I was just fucking with you. Everyone in the kitchen wears a chef uniform."

Dana turned back and muttered 'Dick!' but the weight of her huge butt was slowly becoming too much for the counter. The oak started creaking and as the purple-haired girl noticed that, she leaned even further back to increase the pressure. With a mischievous grin, she watched the man starting to sweat until he finally stopped his scrubbing and leaned closer to talk to her.

"Okay, fine, there might be something you could help me with. Do you see the man over there?" He pointed at a young man in a dashing suit with a handsome face. He looked like he went through a dozen beauty surgeries but the results were still showable. "If you can get me his phone number, I will allow you access to the less expensive bottles."

Dana looked over at her target before she nodded and grinned again. "Easy, you got a drink I can bring him to have an excuse to get closer?" The man nodded too and handed her a cocktail. The naga grabbed it and immediately slithered over.

The young man, while good looking, displayed the same bored and arrogant expression like everyone else present.  As Dana gave him the glass, she moved in close to give him a good look at her canyon-like cleavage. "So, what brings a handsome fella like you here? I don't think it's because of the excitement since this party seems pretty dead."

The man raised his eyebrow in the exact same way like every other rich fuck at this party had done. Slowly Dana was wondering if they were all born with that or if they went to some private school to learn it. He took the drink and without even throwing a glance at her breasts sipped from it. "Indeed, if this party gets even more boring, I think I will die."

Dana mentally rolled her eyes but continued putting on that brain-dead smile those bimbos liked to show off. "How about you give me your phone number and in 30 minutes, we can meet somewhere else to have a party of our own?"

The man however just sneered at her words. "Preposterous!  Like I would risk a scandal meeting with a prostitute like you. I don't know who hired you to embarrass me. If it was Richard, you can tell him that I will have my revenge next week at the golf court!  And now, off with you!  Get me another drink!"

Dana's jaw dropped. Nobody ever dared to call her that but the man was already too involved in looking terribly bored to even notice the dangerous glare she was throwing at him.  Her booty was shaking violently with anger as she slithered back to the bar. The bartender was about to make a mocking comment but stopped as he saw the wide swaying hips that seemed to build more and more momentum. The last thing he wanted was a broken counter because she decided to unleash her rage onto him.

"Another drink!" She snapped at him and with a meek nod, he complied. Dana turned back, watching the rich fuck as she opened her mouth and held her dagger-like eyetooth over the glass. Slowly, a few beads of her venom dripped into the glass. With a mischievous grin, she made her way back to him.

"Here is your drink, your lordship." Her voice was honey sweet but her eyes watched him like a predator eyeing their prey.

"What took you so long, skank?" He grabbed it and chugged it down. Various expressions seemed to travel his face. First came another sneer, then a dreamy smile, then a wide-eyed shock and last his eyes turned upwards until only the white was visible. He slumped down and Dana immediately moved in to put his arm over her shoulder. The surrounding people threw curious glances at them but Dana waved it off. "The wimp couldn't hold his drink. I should get him out."

Elements in the crowd snickered gleefully and turned their attention back to standing around uselessly. Dana hauled the limp body along to the next broom closet. Like every snake, Nagas also had venomous fangs but most of them didn't have any lethal poison. Dana's poison was just a harmless narcotic that paralyzed and made them go nappy time. After they woke up, they usually didn't have any memory and the headache of a bad hangover.  The dosage however was often quite tricky so the purple-haired girl wasn't sure how long the arrogant prick would be out of commission.

She threw the unconscious body onto a pile of rags, grabbed his phone to get the number and quickly closed the door before anyone would notice. With her loot secured, she went back to the bar to hand it to the bartender.

"I'm surprised, I didn't expect you to succeed. What did you do to get it?"

Dana waved off. "Oh, I just put him to sleep in the broom closet."

His eyes went wide before he put on a calculating expression. "Is that so? The bar is all yours. Help yourself to it. I've got to make some pictures with my phone."

The naga rubbed her head, wondering why everyone here was so fucking weird but the issue was forgotten as she started rummaging through the large number of bottles. Soon the first one was open and the hard-drinking girl was chugging down the bottle. She was already at the second one when she saw her friend Sylvia approaching.

The black-scaled naga had been quite successful in plundering the buffet which was visible by her bulging belly. Dana laughed and pointed at it. "Wow, looks like you ate a whole roasted pig."

Sylvia frowned and answered. "It was just half of a roasted pig and a few other animals."

"Really? And here I thought you were pregnant and the baby was coming soon." But before she could make even more jokes, the belly was rumbling and suddenly receded. At the same time, her hips jiggled and expanded with a 'FWOOOMP' noise.

Dana's jaw dropped for the second time this evening. "What the fuck was that?"

Sylvia blushed but then shrugged. "Well, you know the saying. It goes straight to the hips."

Dana could only stammer as she stared in awe at her friend's butt which now seemed to be several inches bigger than hers. "That is a damn saying. Nobody takes it LITERALLY!"

The black-scaled beauty only shrugged a second time in an apologizing gesture but their discussion was interrupted as they saw several men with wide shoulders in ill-fitting suits, slowly coming in their direction. They looked like gorillas put into tuxedos but the silly notion did nothing to make them less intimidating.

As Dana saw them, she grabbed her friends arm and pulled her along. "Oh shit, we should leave. It seems someone finally asked what we were doing here and alerted the security." Sylvia tried keep up with her friend but she had gained even more weight and both of their butts weren't made for sprinting in the first place. The quad glutes swung and wobbled, slapped into each other and ultimately slowed the two of them down. The horde of security gorillas was closing in when Dana spotted a long buffet table with cakes and desserts.

"I've got an idea. You stand here at the beginning of the table and I go to the end. When I tell, you push yourself up as high as possible on your tail and then sit down with all your weight onto the edge."

Sylvia positioned herself but asked with a puzzled expression. "What is that even good for?" but Dana was already running over to rearrange the plates. She moved all the cake and ice cream near the end, piling it up. Then, she pushed it around so the head of the table was facing directly at their pursuers. Sylvia was already standing as high as possible on her thick tail, the whole thing trembling under the weight of her butt cheeks, but her size wasn't just fat. The appendage was trained and well muscled for the purpose of carrying her black twin moons around.

Dana took aim and when the security crowd was finally in reach, her arm went down like a general giving the signal to fire the catapult. Sylvia slammed her giant rear down and the weight was enough to lift Dana's end of it into the air. Like fired off by a cannon, the pile of desserts flew at the security gorillas, hitting their chests and faces, throwing all of them over like bowling pins.

The purple-haired naga threw her fist in air. "That's what I call a BUTTapult!"

The men were drenched in sugar, cream and various fruit mushes. Every time they tried to get up, they slipped and fell down and since they were all in a pile, one of them was enough to pull the rest down with him. Both of the nagas chuckled at the sight, reminding them of their old childhood cartoons but unfortunately, they didn't have time to stay and watch.

They slithered as fast as possible towards the exit. Sylvia almost expected the two guards still standing in front of the kitchen door to act but both seemed to be occupied, holding down a man in bartender uniform. They were standing in front of the broom closet and a handsome, rich looking guy without his pants was standing behind them, yelling angrily. "Arrest him! He put some kind of narcotic into my drink and then tried to take photos of my underwear!"
As Dana saw that, she laughed hard which in return caused Sylvia to raise an eyebrow. "Was that your work, Dana?"

Dana winked at her over her shoulder but didn't stop running. "I’ll tell you about it later!”

Both of them had almost reached the exit when suddenly a loud voice screamed "Hold it right there, circus scum!"

As they turned their heads, they saw a single security guy, holding a taser gun. Both nagas looked at each other with a worried expression, but before either of them could turn the rest of their bodies, the man had already fired.  Both wires hit Sylvia's giant butt and barely managed to penetrate her thick scales. If her booty was still the size from a few weeks ago, the electricity might've harmed her but now, both cheeks were like juggernauts, together having the mass and weight of a single person. The electrical charge was not nearly powerful enough to get past that castle wall of fat rear meat. The taser only caused her muscles to clench uncontrollably and made Sylvia giggle because it tickled so much.

The muscle contractions were enough to make the glutes wobble uncontrollably and create clapping sounds that resembled sarcastic applauding, like they tried to mock the security guy. The wild movement caused the wires to get thrown off like an elephant shaking off two annoying flies. They fell to the ground limply and the man started to blush strawberry red and stammered.

"Wow, ladies, I swear this never happened to me before with a woman."

Both nagas looked at each other first and then broke into laughter. They stuck out their pierced tongues and shouted unanimously "Suuuuuure, I bet you tell that to every girl!" before escaping through the kitchen door.

They moved along hastily, knocking plates, pans and occasionally cooks over with their huge backsides. Many of them tried to protest but stopped as they saw the wreckage those destruction orbs could cause even on accident.  As they passed Paul, he tried to usher a question but Dana just pulled an expensive bottle of Champagne from her butt crack and threw it to him. "Sorry, Paul, but we gotta go. Here’s a big thanks for helping me out. We’ll talk later!"

The chef with the sunglasses caught the bottle with a confused expression but then just smiled weakly and waved them goodbye. The hole was still there in the storage, which was good because it was large enough to let Sylvia's newly enlarged booty through, which would never have made it through the window. As they got into the back alley, they already heard the noises of the police cars, but those sounded as if they were out front.

The naga girls slowed their tempo and allowed themselves to catch their breath. Dana pulled another Champagne bottle from the canyon some people might call a butt and with expert hands uncorked it without spilling even one drop.  She took a swig and then offered it to her friend. Sylvia thankfully grabbed it and drank a few sips.

"Man, that was a crazy evening." She handed the bottle back to Dana. "How do you do it?"

The purple-haired girl looked at her while taking another swig. "What do you mean?"

Sylvia vaguely gestured. "I mean this whole thing. We just crashed an expensive party, took out a whole group of security and escaped without getting caught. You even managed to steal two Champagne bottles during that chaos. I would've never dared to do that, let alone pull it off. You are the bravest person I know and if you wouldn't always drag me into those misadventures, my evenings would be much more boring."

Dana blushed and smiled. "Dawwwwww, you flatter me. I don't know how I do it. I just tag along, go with the flow, live the moment, you know? It has always been like that ever since I was a kid. I admit though, it would be only half as much fun without you. I'm very happy I found you as my friend."

Now it was Slyvia's turn to blush while she looked to the side. "Stop it! You embarrass me! You're my best friend too even though you will probably be my doom one day." She smiled slyly.

The emerald-scaled naga smiled back and wrapped her arm around her friend again. She pushed her butt cheeks into Sylvia's larger ones. "Of course! What would the world be without a little big butted doom, huh? Although, you have to go on a diet. I can't stand your butt being bigger than mine."

The onyx-scaled naga grinned. "Don't worry, I lose that weight pretty fast when I don't eat enough to sustain it and feasting like that every day is pretty hard."

Dana gave off a hearty laugh which almost made her sound like a pirate while she pulled her friend along. "I'll take your word for it. Now, the night is still young and there is more trouble to make. Let's search for a new adventure."

As Sylvia looked at her friend's profile from the side, she couldn't help but smile. Dana was the strongest person she knew.


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